Ready to pay for an elusive pack?

no. elusive targets was a mistake to begin with anyway.

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I would pay for it. 20 euros tops.
Gameplay over principle. The idea of the targets being elusive has been experienced by that time, the moment savoured.
I’d also like the Sarajevo Six to be included in that pass, across all platforms.

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S6 was rubbish anyway. The only good moment was when the one in Thailand realised the team was being targeted.

IOI: Release ET DLC pack
Me: Throws money on my monitor

Honestly, I want the option to replay ETs as I always despised that IO would put so much time and effort into unique characters, briefings, models, and situations that most players either didn’t take their time to enjoy, or miss altogether. The sheer stakes of the concept of these types of missions means very few users probably even tried to drain all of the dialogue from the targets.

If that means buying an ET pack so one can have them permanently, unless we’ll ever see a mod that allows us to boot into them, I would actually welcome this. Of course, I have the additional wish that all of the 2016’s ETs (outside of The Wildcard, obviously) are part of it, even if they have the strange idea of not reintroducing all of them into the 2018 game.

I’m not paying for a content that’s already ingame, you guys are crazy :open_mouth:

Then it’s no surprise if we get less for more money, you are begging for it!


So you don’t own any DLC?

They’d need way more than 1000 sales to even consider doing that DLC. If you estimate that H2 sold 500k units (is most likely more), then 1000 would be half of a percent of its install base. Not worth even considering. But really it boils down to how many potential sales for something that was previously released as free and one-time-only

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Again I don’t think this will ever happen with Hitman 2, but… I think a way to make it more “bang for your buck” would be to add challenges to them. The special assignments are basically elusive targets with challenges and a time of day change, and while they’re a massive disappointment compared to bonus missions I do think 20 of them would be worth a buck a piece. Add some challenges to unlock and the value playtime wise skyrockets.

“Eliminate the gunrunner without him entering the escape tunnel, without being spotted.” Stuff like that would beef them up. Again I don’t think this will ever happen, just debating hypotheticals.

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I prefer that all ET’s older than the current season are lumped together in a randomizer that selects one of them every 1 or 2 months as a “Legacy Elusive Target”.

This runs alongside the Elusive Targets for the current season.

And it should be free (ie: Used instead to motivate people to buy complete editions and avail of Legacy Packs for $$$)

you guys should just wait for the inevitable Full Hitman Experience ™ that includes everything

This would actually be amazing. But only if it really contains everything. Every elusive, every challenge pack, every unlock, every bonus mission like the winter mission or the hokkaido event mission, every escalation, everything, not just what IOI likes us to have.

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I can understand how gutting it must be for those people who have picked the game up late or missed several ET’s due to other commitments however they would be very elusive if they came back as ‘DLC’ or a ‘Pack’. The current idea behind the Elusive targets is what makes them so unique and interesting, I think deviating from this making them as DLC would take that away. We might get them reactivated like we did with S1 targets (more than once) so keep your hopes up for this.

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This song and dance has been mentioned a thousand times. And while I completely agree with you, it’s too late… IO already reactivated a lot of them so the concept has already been tarnished. They may as well cash in on it now, as (unfortunately) a lot of players don’t see it this way anymore anyway. Let them have their fun now.

Maybe in the future, IO can do NEW Elusive Targets and be totally 100% clear from the get go that they will DEFINITELY not, EVER return ever. Under any circumstances. Maybe they will do that and actually stick to their guns this time. But for now, like I said, it’s already tarnished, may as well cash in on it now I guess.

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Yeah but even the reactivated targets are time limited, if they sell them as DLC they will have to make them permanent which completely goes against them being ‘elusive’

Doesn’t matter. They still “Reactivated” previous targets. 1, 2, 10. Don’t matter. The concept is already gone now.

Like I said before, IO should do new ones in the future and make it clear from the start that this time they will DEFINITELY remain Elusive this time.

They haven’t confirmed that HITMAN 2 ET’s will definitely be reactivated yet.

I agree with you, ET’s should remain elusive but releasing them as a DLC pack would be ridiculous

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Well, let’s hope not :laughing:

I also agree. But a lot of people already stated they’d be more than happy to throw money at it :tipping_hand_man:

Let them then… IO profits on those people, but at least WE don’t have to buy it. We have the choice so whatever…

I just hope IO sticks to their guns this time for H2 Targets.

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I do think that once Hitman 3 is done and the whole thing is complete there’s a chance a patch makes all the challenge stuff work offline and all the elusive targets available. That’s probably the only way I see this happening.

But they already did reactivate Mark Faba, so this scenario is very well possible

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