Real life custom Hitman briefcase idea

Hello guys. I had this amazing idea for some time to try and replicate Agent 47’s briefcase. Or something very similar.
But what are the problems? Well, first of all no one makes custom briefcase for private buyers. All of the companies that I contact won’t accept orders bellow 100 units. That’s 100 briefcase’s.
And even if they do, like one company took in consideration my request. They will charge you a lot for just one custom briefcase.
You want to hear what I was charge to make an identical Hitman Contracts briefcase? 10.000$!
Or 8.923€ according to current google dollar to euro exchange currency.

Any way, where am I going with this post? I’m going in to the direction of trying again, hard enough to replicate one with the help of not one company. But many together in creating a piece at the time.
It could be done the cheapest way. Buy one black briefcase with ABS shells like this one and attach a 3D printed metal logo in the middle. But it would not be the same. At lest for me who seek’s perfection and precision.

So, searching and searching I came across this Swedish maker that states to make personal briefcase’s. I don’t know if personal means with no limit unit. So I send and email asking for a price

“Hello, I found your website thanks to google and I have to say that those briefcase looks beautifully impressive.
With out wasting your time I have a quick question about pricing for a custom briefcase with personal logo that I would like to make in the near future.
I need a briefcase 100 cm long and somewhere at 55 cm height. External all black with a custom logo in middle.
The interior instead, would like to be really simple. Even because it serves the purpose to be field with foam.
And of course just one 1 product for private buyer.
How much would it cost me such a project?
I hope you find time in reading and answering my question.
Thank you for your time,

Now all I have to do is wait and only hope it won’t charge me more than 1.500€ which is a price I’m willing to pay in the near future. Like next year.
How does this company custom briefcase look? Well here is a taste. I felt in love when I notice them on google images in just one second…
That wine read is screaming Hitman or professional killer, doesn’t it?

I know it looks nothing or just a bit with what we are used in Hitman games. But still, it resemblance a lot 47’s cinematic Contracts trailer suitcase.
What I had initially in mind was replicating the Absolution suitcase. Which for some reason I like it more than the others. But I might, if the price is right, stick with this current model and have the logo attached there in the middle.

What I’m going to do with a 1.500€ briefcase? Nothing. Collection, passion. I’m going to put inside my airsoft WA2000 and the Silverballers replica I’m working on. Which I want to add they are going to be 100% pure identical to Absolution.
To give you a small tease if I can so call it this way. I’m in contact with 3D modeler’s to replicate the exact same rear sight.

Turning back on the briefcase. If the Swedish company is going to give me a right price. I will of course make it with the red wine interior color. Even if later I will fill it with foam so the rifle and the pistol’s will stay there still with out moving all over inside.
But. Its still a briefcase/suitcase and I hope to use it when I’m travelling (a thing I don’t much often).
Another purpose I had in mind is cosplaying. I never did, but I want to cosplay Agent 47 at least once in my life in the most realistic and original way.

Have you ever tried or kicked your mind to replicate 47’s suitcase? If yes I really want to know your opinion and your ideas


If I had the money I would do projects like this too but I don’t :smile:. The suitcase with the red lining looks pretty sweet I would go for it if the price is right.

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That’s the reason why I will wait a whole year :smiley: Another idea is constructing piece by piece with different companies to make it even cheaper. Like from one the cover (suitcase) the other one the silver shells. One will provide me with the handle. Another one the foam. But its just an idea. Could be that if they charge me a lot this project will remain just a dream

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You know what @Mr.Reaper ? I think I’ll pass this one. I was hoping for a 1.500€ custom briefcase. But it turn out the price is much higher :joy:

So what would it be? A hause or a Hitman bulletproof briefcase


Those prices are crazy are they made from some rare alien alloy or something fuck that :smile:.


Here… Found this on Google. It’s the same exact briefcase that I have. It used to be my dads from back in the day. I still have it at my house. Needs work to make it look like 47’s but I can make it work :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This is the one I have, but it’s gray (can fix that)

I also found this one, same, but black…

Can’t go wrong for only 40.00 USD
Lol all it needs is Red interior and a carbon fiber design. And of course the insignia which I can get
3-D printed

I think they look pretty damn close! Just needs some slight work


They really do. I found out many websites that provides with custom interior. All of them are arms company. I also found another one that makes custom rifle cases in ABS. Now it remains to see if custom for them is 100.000$
I remember seeing a briefcase like your dad’s in a store when I was 14. First thing it came to mind was Hitman Contracts. But it costed a lot and my parents told me it didn’t need it

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It’s weird that with all that money they can’t afford a nice looking ad/website XD

This was send by email. You won’t find much information on their website besides contact and what they use in creating them and some demonstration photos

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aah, k makes sense now

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100,000 for a briefcase? That’s insane dude! That’s a freakin house haha

But yeah, I don’t know how much my dad paid for it back in the day, but currently that same style one is around 40 USD, plus I already have it, so if I decide to make one I’ll most likely just use that one. Good enough for me :smile: Just needs a little bit of work is all.

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This is what they charge. And I was there all hoping for maybe 1.500$

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That’s still insane man :laughing:

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Very strange something doesn’t add up there somehow :thinking:.

I think you could find an suitable briefcase for under $200 American. Especially since you want a hard shell and not leather. Then you have to just gut it yourself and put in foam covered in red velour or felt or whatever. This seems like a more jo-Ann fabrics approach is the way to go instead of getting some custom company to create a brilliant piece that costs the same as a speedboat.

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True that, but its me that I’m ok with paying a high price for a good made job. And by high I don’t mean 100k. But 1000$ is acceptable for custom made.
But its more the exterior that counts. The inside doesn’t matter

I think you’d do a much better job though. You surely care about this and if your willing to shell out a few dollars (which you are) then you can have an awesome briefcase with the inside and outside perfect.

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Whoooa that price is equal to a hangun’s price lel i’ll just draw, cut and paste a cardboard logo on my laptop bag :joy:


They have a 3" model too.
Edit: it shows 4 photos but there is an option to scroll right. The 5th and final photo is of it open.

That costs half of the badget I want. I found an american websites that makes modification for rifle cases. But I ll wait a little before cantacting them

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