Real Life "Custom" Hitman Memorabilia

Hello all!
Have you seen an object or item in any of the Hitman games, that inspired you to replicate it IRL?

Use this thread to show off your custom Hitman memorabilia.

Not “artwork” like drawings or paintings, but rather actual physical items you have sculpted/created.

Such as…

-Weapons (Props of course :blush:)
-In Game gear, from any game.
ex: Coins, Lockpick, syringes, fiber wire, etc.
-Bottles, Soda bottles, Beer or Liquor bottle labels. Vials, etc.
-Hitman Briefcase.
-An Agent 47 Paper craft?

…Maybe something you bought, or have that isn’t actually Hitman related, but were creative enough to make something “Hitman” out of it.
(if that makes sence)

Or maybe you were able to create something, inspired by one of the levels of Hitman.
Ex: Made a house of cards, in honor of the mission “A House Of Cards” (preferably made with the actual “BM playing cards” lol) something along the lines of that. I know we can all think of something!

Let’s really get “Creative” here in Creative Corner.

“Custom” made Hitman Memorabilia made by forum members.

[details=Vials]Made by @RotaryOliver
Height: 3cm
Width: 9cm

“Pill Jar” poison label made by @RotaryOliver


Prop Weapons
Replica Briefcase

[details=Bottles/labels] Made by @Touchbil

Made by @AGENT4T7

Bottle of ETHER (Label) From Hitman Blood Money. Mission: A New Life.
Made by @AGENT4T7

(Yes, the lettering is supposed to be blurry, as it is in Blood Money)

“Stain Wash” label.
Made by @RotaryOliver

Vodka bottle label from HITMAN
Made by @RotaryOliver
Haha. Cheers, mate!

Himmapan Hand Soap label. Made by @RotaryOliver

Poison label for a glass vial.
Screenshot by @AGENT4T7

“Pluto” Laxative Label (From Hitman Contracts) “The Bjarkhov Bomb & The Lee Hong Assassination.”


[details=In Game Gear]Made by @AGENT4T7
Hitman Briefcase “Coin Box” includes a real (1889 Silver Morgan Dollar) the same one from Hitman.


[details=Mission Inspired Memorabilia] Made by @AGENT4T7
Hitman Contracts “Hunter&Hunted” (Bullet Shadow Box)

Sorry for the poor photo quality lol

The “Conference ID Card” From Hitman Contracts. Mission: Traditions of the Trade. Made by @AGENT4T7
I made the front of the card exact. But made the back of the card with the information that you can find on the sign, outside the conference room, in the actual level.

The Murder of Crows

@AGENT4T7’s Crow Statues and Kazo TRG rifle set

[details=Other]Agent 47 paper “Cubecraft” Made by @AGENT4T7

Made by @Bjornie47

“The Class” CD case cover.
Made by @RotaryOliver

HITMAN “Lethal Elegance” Tie and accessory box collection
( Interior label )

Made by @AGENT4T7


Really cool, @AGENT4T7 . Just post at the label that includes the side effects of unnatural euphoria and creates on the consumer the necessity of dressing in bondage clothes and do a BDSM party in a slaughterhouse.

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God damn fan boys :joy: you sure love Hitman don’t you :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.


:joy: Damn right, I’m a “Fanboy”
(Only when it come to Hitman) I’m not ashamed to admit it lmao

Definitely more to come “in the near future” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Me as well. HITMAN FOR LIFE! :laughing:


It’s almost embarrassing whenever ppl come over and my apartment has hitman memorabilia in every room. haha #geekstatus


You shouldn’t feel that way. At least Hitman is “mature” and many things related are pretty good and elegant enough to show around your house.


I’m not embarrassed at all!!

Shit dude, my house looks like a Hitman museum :sunglasses:

A lot of Hitman related things I have actually look nice like @scm97tl mentioned. “Mature” it’s not like I have a collection of GI Joes :joy:


Still, is more “mature” than my collection, you know, the type I don’t really want to show around my house (well, I want but it would be very humilliating).

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haters gonna hate.
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Better to have Hitman memorabilia than my little pony memorabilia

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I don’t care, I’m happy to show off my “museum” lol I actually get a lot of complements from people that come to my house, and some of those people don’t even know about Hitman and they still thinks it looks nice :hugs:


It’s just interesting whenever my parents come over and they look around at my posters and figurines haha


I know the feeling :smirk:

I always get “So what’s with the barcode?” :disappointed:


It’s so that the cashier at the store that sells hitmen can see the price

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yeah, I’ve gotten that a few times. haha.
I have the 10’’ absolution figurine and mom always laughs and asks what it is? LOL :smile:

Me: He’s a contract killer
Mom: :neutral_face:


In no way was ICA involved in the making of Kinky Cola. I don’t know who put it there right? Umm… Here’s a mission, do it and uh get your money 47. (You’re getting curious) Kinky Cola mmm…

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That is just too accurate :joy:

I get those reactions a lot lol it’s like no, don’t worry guys, I’m not gonna turn into a Hitman or worship Satan :smiling_imp:

It’s extra hilarious when my grandma comes over. She is SUPER religious, I mean extremely!! Lmao and when she sees all my Hitman memorabilia, her looks are priceless. I’m surprised she don’t hand me a brochure on “Finding Jesus”