Realistic Pencil / Charcoal Drawings


These are great!, i really like how you’ve done the texture and all the folds in Elizabeth’s dress how long did these take you? The pupils have come out nice and dark as well and all with 2B. Brilliant. The hair must have take a wee while. Keep up the good work @HMBM47 I hope I get better with more practice and more time.
Ahh I’ve notice my 47 ears are wonky. I’ll post the finished article in the Hitman Fan art section .


It may be because I’m a bit sick, but this sentence is amazing out of context.

On topic, very nice work in this thread, those of you who can draw this stuff and like to share, please do, I enjoy looking at them.

I like to draw as well, but I’m gutter level when it comes to drawing people or animals. Scenery and buildings I could at least do at a level competitive for ten year olds.


Start of my new project it’s going really well. I had to redraw the eyes a couple of times to get them just right then i do the nose then mouth last how do you draw your portraits? Anyone have any tips for drawing skin texture, pores etc? I only do sized A4 at the mo.


Always remember it’s better to do layer after layer of grafite pencil than press too hard and damage the paper. Also keep in mind that nothing is just straight lines when drawing humans. Use small circle-like movements to slowly build up textures. Detail is important but not let it be distracting.


Thank you for the advice. I’ve been layering with different grades of pencil ill try the circular motions :smiley:


Just thought I’d give an update to how my X files piece is going. I’d love to see some of you folks drawings. :smiley:


That is really good, you can even see the age detail along his jawline! How many years did it take to learn to do this?

Are you drawing from an image and copying that onto the page or is it a portrait from your mind?


Hi, thank you glad you like my drawings . It’s drawn from a photograph. No tracing, I would love to start drawing images from my mind. Just want to get some practice in first. I’ve been drawing since April of this year :slight_smile:


I’m really pleased how this one’s going. Thanks @Mnemosyne for the tips. The layering makes a huge difference.


I like how the detail is so good that I can tell this is from Season 10. Is it me or did Scully look overly glamourous in that one?


Correct indeed:D I think it’s due to Gillian Andersons cosmetic surgery :wink:


So I’ve been really busy done a few drawings here and there. Here is my latest. Going for a tattoo apprenticeship next year! What do you guys think? It’s a work in progress :smiley: nearly done with his head!


Great stuff man!

Definitely need to see that 47 one… also a young Mulder & Scully when you get time… I’m currently re-watching X-Files for the first time in about 10 yrs… halfway through S2 & I nearly forgot how much I love this show!


Thanks man,
Yeah id love to do a young mulder and scully and a better 47. They will be on here soon :slight_smile:
This is my latest finished picture.


Any Rick Grimes fans on here? Just got to do his entire body now! I’ve spent about 4 / 5 hours on the head alone!


The Clint Eastwood sketch is particularly good, a shame I can only hit LIKE once.


Glad you like that one it was one of my first portraits. Thank you very much. :smiley: I start my tattoo apprenticeship next year.


Good job on the Rick Grimes sketch.

Adding a picture of him here for reference:

The sketch is good because it goes beyond just getting a likeness, but also nailing the persona and mannerisms of the subject.


You on ArtStation? If not, you definitely need to setup an account there.
Also on Artella. I’ll want to buzz you too next year if possible. hahaha.


Thanks :Dude not finished just yet really looking forward to completing it :smiley: