Recent forum outage

Servers crash Mr Rudd, happens even to us. Unfortunately in this case I had commitments that kept me from accessing the terminal and rebooting it.

I do apologise for the inconvenience and will be checking the site and the Discourse forum for the next few days, however for the most part it seems it was just bad luck.

Actual bad luck, not like “47” or “Providence” brand of “bad luck”


Thanks Obama


Compensation please! Only kidding :smile:


I read the subject as “Recent Forum Outrage” and wondered what the community was mad about this time.


It was your fault Jar, you must check this forum 24 times in a day It’s okay, just create a twitter account or something and announce outages and it’s reasons and it’s okay.

(At least my opinion)

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Same here, except that i was thinking “Oh, another one” :smile:


Man, I was laughing hard at this couple of minutes for sure :slight_smile:
You made my day, thanks

That explains outage I guess.

Well, thanks for bringing it back up eventually! I wasn’t there for the outage I think though, but still

Shit, @Quinn I thought the exact same thing bro! :joy:

All good, was just curious! :slight_smile:

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That was awkward.

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Wow. Right after I checked this thread the forum decided to die for an hour.
Odd coincidence.

Good news and bad news.

The good news is that I think I’ve isolated the problem.

The bad news is that it’s still being a little weird so we’ll see how it goes.


Did anyone else read this as outrage and left feeling very underwhelmed

Let’s be real. If I used a clickbait title like “forum outrage” every time there was a collective outrage then you guys would be so sensitized to it I’d have to disguise the threads as something else to get you to read them.

Okay, forum seems stable-ish.


Servers crash, Mr. Fanin. Happens all the time, even to us. If it seems like a conspiracy, it probably isn’t.


This? This is just scheduled maintenance


When you take down servers make sure they are not load bearing.

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I post dirty. That’s how you defeat a stronger forum. You strike when the servers are down. Now give me a like.

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