Red Dead Redemption 2 (October 26 2018)



Red Dead Redemption 2 is arriving on PS4 and Xbox One in Autumn/Fall of 2017

A trailer will arrive on October 20

Red Dead Redemption 2 (please don't lock me)



Please a PC port of Red Dead Redemption, not that i would every play it. Because cattle herding was the single worst experience in any video game, but the rest of the game was epic. But i don’t feel like battling Ebola to get healthy and then get Ebola again towards the end.


I hope so. Love that game!





Oh My God! The real deal!


No hopes here the logo and the color has only one answer RDR 2 is coming!!! Im so missed the pvp cowboy teams on the unique RDR maps!!!

If no elevators no briefcase and no green duck at least we’ll have our wild Wild West back to our virtual life :wink:


I hope they don’t fuck up the MP like GTA Online though. I don’t wanna grind/buy shark cards just to buy a good horse.


I refuse to be hyped just yet, I was hyped for Mafia III and that was a big mistake so i won’t do that again.


I don’t remember which red dead I played I’m sure it was the latest one. It was good from what I remember have they only just started working on a new one?


I’m pretty sure they started working a new one right after the release of Red Dead Redemption. Games like these take many years to make.


There is no red dead out on PS4 is there?



Just Red Dead Revolver.


No. So far we only have two Red Dead games: Red Dead Revolver (2004) and Red Dead Redemption (2010).


Redemption was the one I played on 360 I will probably get the new one when it’s out.


They remastered it? Any good?


Sadly, it’s no remaster. Just a port.


Not remastered, i haven’t played it, but it doesn’t look pretty, but it’s very cheap on PSN.