Red Dead Redemption 2 (October 26 2018)


Also, the idea of there being platform exclusive multiplayer content is pretty irksome. As has been reiterated time and time again, Rockstar don’t need to partner with consoles to make exclusive stuff. They’re big enough not to need to.


I’m just gonna convince myself that the trailer looked like pure shit, since I can’t play it.


i knew it


Again, you were surprised by that? They also trademarked Red Dead Online so you can bet they’ll be using that name as well, and from what I’ve gathered that’s a bad word for most of of you guys.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say there will be micro-transactions too. Seriously, why was there any doubt in anyone’s mind there would be? They made €500 million off GTA’s Shark Cards alone. They’re probably going to sell you a golden horse… for €5. Get ready for it.

So there you have it. It’s all fucked. Cancel your pre-orders!

“But hold on!”, you say, “wasn’t it the single player (before any single player DLC) that I loved so much about RDR?”

Yes, yes it was.


That’s the point. After seeing how much they made from GTA:O, you can bet they’re gonna put all their work into RD:O and leave the singleplayer an undercooked mess.


I think that’s a bit harsh, the GTA V single player is worth the money imo, i think the RDR2 single player will also be worth the money, but it’s too early to say at this point.


Can you recall any time R* have done that? Say what you like about GTA V, it wasn’t undercooked. GTA Online was a mess, even after releasing it a month later than the single player. Pre-release, their focus was clearly on single player.

Did you notice the power of Rockstar’s marketing? Other game companies are using Rockstars promotional material to promote their own games. Yep, thats a thing. If they have any sense, they’ll know that one bad game destroys any of the mystique they have.

@Quinn I’d be really surprised if their PlayStation Partnership amounts to anything more than a throwaway mission. Sarajevo 6 style. It gets R* on stage at E3 without them even having to go, and Sony gets to be like, “we’re friends with Rockstar, we swear”


Yeah, and now that they know Online is a cash cow they’ll focus less on the sp and more on the online.


If you read my last post I kind of address why they won’t.

Most people consider an online game a bad game, they probably know that.


Do you think this will have a co-op mode for the story?


I really doubt it.

RDR had a co-op mode added to its multiplayer shortly after release, but it was completely standalone and separate from John Marstons’ story. So something like that is possible.


Microsoft mandates that anything released for Xbox One after it gets released on PS4 has at least an upgrade from what the competitors got, or it does not see a release at all, so Sony is actually screwing themselves here.

@Spodey You’re aware they’ve been doing that since Max Payne 3? That got about four multiplayer DLCs and no single player expansion.


I actually didn’t know that. Is that the case with, for example, Call of Duty’s DLC on PS4? Even if it is the case, I’m not sure I understand how they’re screwing themselves though.

Sony will probably have RDR2 on their stage at E3, associating the most anticipated game of the year with their brand. The ‘exclusive’ content probably won’t be worthwhile but that won’t matter, they already have people considering RDR2 a PS4 title.

The upgraded version of that content wont be substantial enough to make it more worthwhile to buy the game on Xbox One, especially if you already own a PS4 version.


Screwing themselves in terms of having what will ultimately be the inferior version just for early access. If Sony fights for even more content, it’ll just be a loop of one-upmanship till Sony gets tired or R* says “fuck it”. I suppose it matters most if you know about that policy before buying for either system, though. And as far as I know, it’s an agreement intended for all content released on competing platforms. It’s screwed XB1 users out of a few indies, but AAA devs never seem to have a problem abiding by it.


Sony wouldn’t need to keep fighting for more content. All that matters is what happens pre-release. That’s when Sony hammer home that this is a PS4 title. By the time Microsoft have the ‘superior’ product, RDR2 won’t be grabbing headlines, it will be already too late, people will have bought the PS4 version.

Does Xbox get upgraded versions of the COD maps released on PS4 a month earlier?


If their past performance is any indication, the launch of the SP game will be a phenomenal success, supplemented by a wide-ranging marketing campaign that rivals summer superhero movie blockbusters. The online component will be a mess at launch, with frequent server crashes and numerous updates. After a couple months, the online experience will stabilize and start to provide a cashflow with microtransactions. I’ve never played GTA Online, but it’s been wildly successful and I’d be surprised to see then deviate from that.


Not upgraded maps, but more maps exclusive to the platform. It’s been the case till mid-2015, when Activision stopped.


There’s also a petition started for PC version. 32,731 people have signed it, so 32,731 times $60 is like almost 2 million dollars. I don’t think R* wants to miss that.


Sony is overrated I think.


Where can I sign it?