Red Dead Redemption 2 (October 26 2018)


Just sign it with whatever name you want.


I just signed it even though I’m on PS4 :joy: Signed it as Tobias Rieper obviously.


Signed it too even though my PC sucks and I won’t be able to play it


I signed it 1 hour ago, and 500+ have already signed after I did it. People want this game on PC!


I dont want to ruin any expectations or anything, but this is rockstar

GTAV had a billion sigs, still didnt get made until a one&half year later

Don’t get any hopes up.


And RDR never saw a PC release.

They should keep encouraging people to sign the petition though, there’s no harm letting R* know there’s demand for it.


Yeah, there is no reason not to.
Just don’t expect much to happen.


We can kinda play rdr1 soon since its coming to playstation now.


This was because apparently rdr1 was a coding nightmare to port to pc. I expect they are making rdr2 pc friendly.


That’s true. Most PS4/X1 games are easier PC ports than PS3/360 games.


Damn, that trailer. I can see myself getting lost in that world like I did in the other red dead. I would often just ride my horse or walk around.

Sick night skybox. Beautiful, great music too


ps4 was made for doing it easier for developers to create games for PC, so I’m a bit puzzled that nothing has changed.



Petition signed.

Lucifer Morningstar
Deep South


abeg already posted it.


Here’s some videos of people going through the trailer in more detail. One thing that I find interesting is the leaked map of the world, and the leaked in game screenshot of the game. This video below is pretty interesting. Apparently it could be the real deal.


I watched the trailer it looked nice but didn’t give much away, not too long to wait so that’s good.


Honestly, I’d be happy if this is the only franchise they stick to from now on as I’ve never been the biggest GTA fan.

Red Dead Redemption is the best open world game, period.


Because a petition isn’t going to affect a decision that’s already been made. R* had plans for GTA V on PC from the jump. They just didn’t want to waste time and resources porting the last-gen version.


Someone remade the RDR2 trailer in GTAV. :sunglasses: