Red Dead Redemption 2 (October 26 2018)


Looks like ps4 & PC gets red dead redemption 1 via ps now.


Does PC get it?



Yeah but I hear mixed responses to the ps now streaming service.


Rockstar Games did it again!

[quote]Red Dead Redemption 2 is now set to launch Spring 2018 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This outlaw epic set across the vast and unforgiving American heartland will be the first Rockstar game created from the ground up for the latest generation of console hardware, and some extra time is necessary to ensure that we can deliver the best experience possible for our fans.

We are very sorry for any disappointment this delay causes, but we are firm believers in delivering a game only when it is ready. We are really excited to bring you more details about the game this summer. In the meantime, please enjoy this selection of new screenshots from the world of Red Dead Redemption 2.[/quote]


More gaming companies should have this as a standart rule :joy:
Anyway, this looks so good :open_hands: I’m so excited to learn more about it! :heart_eyes:


Can’t say I’m surprised. Those screenshots look stunning nonetheless.


Consoles are going to be freaking old when this game comes out.


RDR2 Remastered Coming for PS5 and Xbox Something (In a year or two probably)


No mention of PC either, looks like there will be a further wait after the console release. Screenshots looks awesome but they’re almost certainly bullshots, definitely won’t look that good on console.

Still hyped, loved RD/RDR, plus anything Rockstar touches is always awesome :slight_smile: Hoping for some gameplay at E3.


They’re probably PC screenshots but I wouldn’t doubt Rockstar. They’re not knowing for downgrading their games. The trailer (which looks equally amazing) was running on a PS4.


Yeah they’re PC renders. Typically they say when the footage and screenshots are captured with console.


Hell at this point if they released the game with graphics as good as the last Red Dead I’d still buy it.


Yeah it’ll be great ofcourse visually. However I think PC will not be released along aside console or at all.

My issues is R* turning it into a grind pay to fun game like GTA Online. After them earning over half a billion in microtransactions, I have worries it’ll be like that again. 50 quid for a horse.


Saw the Spring 2018 announcement, LOL’ed at anyone who actually thought they would release it this year.

The pattern goes as the following:

GTA V marketing closure, smaller updates.
Month 0-ish: Announcement.
(Somewhere here is a teaser)
Months 1-5-ish: Say nothing. (Hype increases)
(Somewhere here is a teaser)
Month 6-ish: Screens
(Somewhere here is a possible delay)
Month 9-ish: Trailer
(More trailers and screens here, some pre-order bonuses)
Months 10-15-ish: Say nothing. (Hype increases)
Month 16-ish: Oh lol, ye, 2 months more of a delay.
Months 17-18: Say nothing. (Hype increases)
Month 19: Release for consoles.

Month 20: Post launch marketing support for anyone who hasn’t bought it yet.
Month 22: Online
(Sometime between 2019 and 2020) PC release.

I hate what Rockstar has become. God damn rich cunts forgot their company started on the PC.
but it’s “Ole about tha dolla, innit?” Same thing that they did with GTA V.
Release it for consoles, at first, milking all the console dummies and make people who don’t have consoles go out and BUY them.
A few years later release it for PC which is too fucking obvious at this point, and make you buy it again.

So guilty of this with GTA V, I’m ignoring RDR2 completely until they release it for PC. If they never do? Whatever.
I’m not buying a fucking PS4 to play ONE game. I’ve made that mistake with the 360 I’ve bought just for RDR1 and GTAV. Now I’m stuck with a dead console I couldn’t care about anymore with the only three games I’ve had on it since I got it in 2012. Lame.


Take as long as they need. The game will be epic whenever it gets released.


They will almost definitely release on PC - GTAV is still one of the best selling games on PC, however it seems it will be later than consoles sigh. Still think it’s gonna be awesome.

As for GTA online, I never really got into it, had it on the 360 and it was a broken mess at launch. Never really went back to it but I understand complaints about the Shark Card system, sounds fucked. I’m hoping for single player DLC (Undead Nightmare / Ballad of Gay Tony anyone??). PLs R*


I’m really excited for this one. Of course the delay was expected after months without any updates but then again it’s Rockstar games they do this all the time. At least they take their time with it.


Shark Cards get you nothing but money. Items unlock after a certain level so you can buy all the microtransactions you want, it won’t benefit you much if you don’t actually play the game.

The main problem with Online is hackers. New hacks even allow them to make you pay for “damages” they cheat and steal money off of you. Some hackers actually give millions to random people. Others explode random players and bother them, but it’s not as common as you’d think.

I just hope now that the Housers turned a dirty and fired Leslie, they won’t neglect Singleplayer like they did V.
If RDR is gonna be somewhat of a dissapointment like V’s story and lack of singleplayer content like it was for me, I’m gonna reconcider buying the next GTA. And THAT’s what really hurts.


Oh right I had no idea, cheers for the information. Used to play loads of GTAIV online but I skipped GTAV. What was wrong with Leslie Benzies? I thought he was unlawfully fired from Rockstar despite his close friendship with the Houser brothers, and is now seeking damages. Haven’t heard anything since.

Edit - Yep the story was pretty meh in GTAV, had some great moments but the ending really let it down, petered out really fast. Recently replayed it and enjoyed it until the last 1/3rd (minus the horrific torture level, that was fucked up and not enjoyable, tonally seemed off).


Torture Scene:
Couldn’t care for the torture scene one way or another. The only game that made me feel uncomfortable and disgusted somewhat was the recent Resident Evil 7. I really suggest playing it if you want a nice change of pace from the dumbed down games that get released lately. It’s spooky, I’m always alert while playing (genuinely alarmed when encountering a new area) and the graphics are fucking insane. It’s kind of short from what I’ve heard but check it out if you haven’t already.

According to rumors Leslie was fired for having Sam Houser’s name placed last in the credits. The place that is supposed to be for the person who gets most credit, and did most of the work, In other words, the most important person in the project. Sam saw that as an insult for some reason, and used Leslie’s vacation to deactivate his card, and basically locked him out of the building when he came back.

Doesn’t seem believable at first but I’ve heard weirder stuff, and I’m not really taking sides but locking your life long friend out of the workplace without notice does seem to be a back stabbing move to me.

EDIT: What frightens me about this is that Leslie helped save GTA in the past. Sam contacted him and he agreed to help. He also played a huge part in Red Dead 1 so… Concerns, Concerns, Concerns…