Red Dead Redemption 2 (October 26 2018)


I couldn’t deal with that. Spoilers would be out and crap. It’s like exclusive content, makes you feel you have a inferior version.

It was fine having it there as an optional feature, then each update came reduced payouts for missions and even certain missions got changed to be harder or longer to get money, enticing them cards. Then it got to the point where you get nothing worthwhile for the time you put in. And that’s why money hackers exist.

All this not to mention the mechanics that are designed to take money away from you, insurance, cops, ammo and health.


100% with you. Spoilers are my downfall when a game comes out. I recently heard the ending of Prey which has now ruined the story for me :frowning:

That seems terrible tbh. I only played online in its inception on the 360, when it was a broken mess. I never came back to it but I see why it’s anti-consumer. Having to spend more and more to stay in the game, a AAA title you already spent money on, is atrocious.

Although you already know that because you’re keen on Jim Sterling big UP :wink:


Yeah I heard the whole thing about Leslie - really terrible they would do that to him. Plus, a ridiculous way to fire someone, by physically locking them out of their company, WTF.

Man Resident Evil 7 is awesome! Blasted through it in 2 nights and loved it, couldn’t put it down. The graphics seemed photorealistic, the initial two hours freaked the hell out of me CHAINSAW MAYA WRRRRMMM WWWRRMMMM

The ending 3rd was notable worse than the rest of the game but I loved it regardless :slight_smile:


Speaking of Leslie Benzies, here’s something I wanna share if you guys haven’t read this yet. It’s about Sam Houser begging Leslie to fix RDR. I wonder what RDR2 is going to be like now that Leslie is gone.

[quote]“As Sam Houser himself recognized, the Houser brothers were incapable of completing large and complex games without Mr. Benzies’ oversight, management, and skill in taking unwieldy designs and making an understandable, cohesive, and enjoyable game,” reads a line from the lawsuit.

In October 2009, with a deadline coming up, Sam Houser became anxious about Red Dead Redemption not being in good enough shape. He wrote an email to Benzies that month, saying, “The ups and downs are VERY extreme. We have to fix this. Quickly. Help! I’m freaking!’”

The very next day, Sam Houser sent another email to Benzies further elaborating on the game’s problems at the time and how he wanted Benzies to assist.

“This [RDR] is a (recurring) nightmare,” Sam Houser said. “But one i/we need to get out of. I have problems with the camera all over the place. So much so, that I can’t be rational or specific about it. The darkness!!!”

“PLEASE help me/us get rdr [Read Dead Redemption] into shape. I am a jabbering wreck right now,” he added. “I need The Benz!’”[/quote]


The Housers look like they completely backstabbed Benzies, interesting to see how RDR will shape up without him.


Yeah it’s horrible.

That’s the main issue. Pay us money to pay the game, then pay us more for stuff in the game. Then change it to make you pay is just not good consumerism.

It’s the only game I totally understand people hacking money for.

And Jim Fucking Sterling Son :wink:


if RDR2 turns out to be shit then the housers deserve it.

thank god for jim


What are you talking about?
GTA: Online is free with GTA V
All DLC for it so far has been completely free
Microtransactions are completely optional, and only get you unlocked items for your current level.

That isn’t the issue. The issue is Singleplayer, not multiplayer. It’s completely neglected, with promised DLC that never came out, plenty of removed features that ended up in Online, and a clunky and weird story that makes no sense 50% of the time. That’s the problem.

I’m expecting the same thing with RDR2. Prove me wrong, please!
I was very skeptical about Max Payne 3 and it turned out fantastic!
But then again Leslie was still part of management back then…


Version 1.0 to 1.17 was essentially free.

We know Time = Money. So you spend to save time or spend time to save money. We spend our time working for others so we get money and works both ways.

DLC cars in packs are not level related other than the Dubsta 6x6 (Level 100). Costs of items have increased and time to take to earn them increase. They then decrease payouts, further increasing the time to earn a sole item. Making the paid route more enticing. Then we see the types of items, like the Hydra. Which who bought with real money get immediately or you earn over a period of missions, during that time, the paid people have the advantage, and slow the non payers, further increasing to buy or grind. People want fun, and immediate fun is from shark cards and not grinding.

This can be seen in many F2P games like APB Reloaded or War Thunder for example. They have an advantage and the only way to have a fair fight anymore is to meet on their level. GTA allows the earning through mindless grinds which IMO makes the games a chore rather than fun.

Let’s look at For Honor where the DLCs are free and optional microtransactions. It takes a total 2 and a half years to earn the items if you casually played everyday. Or… microtransactions of a total of 732 dollars. Yeah. Remember this is a game that you’ve bought already.

Imagine going up a mountain and at the top is an amazing reward but next to the mountain is an super fast elevator to the top which costs money. You could climb your way to the top eventually and get your reward or pay to get it straight away with no effort.

Then we look at game mechanics, back even at the start where insurance was a nightmare, you’d lose $2000 for every death, usually negating the newbie missions. And even putting people to a stand still. Now it’s $200. Cops are permanently on, and don’t arrest you, just shoot so there’s an increase in impound buys and deaths. Then we have the fake insurance, and then the fake utilities everyday (which is $2000 for me). Everything is built so you lose money. I don’t have to do anything on the game, just stand there, and I’m losing money.

This with the effect of wanting to just have fun on GTA and not grind is the reason they’ve earned an extra half a billion dollars in shark cards alone. Why do they need to go through the effort of a full casted single player DLC when they earn the same back, if not more (due to the game mechanics), buy simply modelling a couple of cars and clothes (which were in release trailers). Less effort and same reward for R*. It’s a no brainer.

I would have no problem if the payouts were decreased and prices rose if everyone was in the same boat and not have that free paid access to the items. If everyone had to grind for the gear then it’s an even playing field.

GTA Online is a P2F (Pay to Fun) game that slows you down to try to force you to pay. I’ll never do it. Then again I don’t need to. Nothing makes sense in GTA Online, it’s a mess of money income basically. Single player was shit and so was it all TBH. takes a couple of days to 100%. Has less features than San Andreas and dares to even call itself San Andreas. What a joke.

I have the same suspicion that RDR2 is going to be plagued with microtransactions too. Max Payne 3 was just before all this shit started. And was fun as fuck. Leslie Benzies drove the games forward and now he’s gone, who knows what going to happen.



only 42 min left…


A fucking 15 minutes left…


I miss The Colbert Report.


Only 10 minutes. What are you guys expecting? I expect a trailer revealing the protagonist.


It must be trailer, otherwise people will be really pissed and R* knows it


Where can i watch? A link please?

#387 but their site tends to crash during important moments, so I’m just gonna refresh YouTube until Rockstar have uploaded a video.


guys guys only 3min



Okay, i’m watching US.


Nothing much new, but i think the trailer showed the son of John Marston?
Still says spring 2018.