Red Dead Redemption 2 (October 26, 2018)

oh my days first mad max’s birthday, then red dead 3 and now mah boy frantz is back what is this


Are you kidding? $/€ 15 for a PS2 game is cheap? :joy:


yesssssss Finally!!! Thanks R*! I have been waiting for a new game from them for years! its been 3 years since GTA V!!!

said you were done with hitman yet continued to lurk for another 7 months, huh

wud alwais cum bak 4 u bb

I didn’t. Signed in after months to post the news of RDR but it’s already posted.

RDR was my favourite game of last gen, maybe even all time.

I’m hoping this is due out by end of 2017, I hate long, drawn out marketing campaigns.

EDIT: We should start guessing what the title will be;

Red Dead Revolution?

No, I got it… Red Dead [Redacted]


Red Dead: Enter a world of Wild West


Please let there be a PC port!!
And please don’t make us wait an entire year before the PC port arrives.


It will also be episodic, with chunks of the open world unlocking as Season 1 unfolds.

Rockstar Games really knows how to deliver.

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after that mediocre video game that is GTA V and the atrocity known as GTA Online, I’m not too optimistic about a red dead sequel. sure, RDR was amazing, but for all we know they could add a “Red Dead Online” for red dead 3 and have lackluster content for single player due to too much focus on online, exactly like what happened with V.

I’m willing to be that it will be overhyped and then become disappointing after release, like some of the games that have come out this year (no man’s sky, mafia iii, etc).

as usual, NEVER PREORDER. i was this close to preordering mafia iii because you can kill klanners, but i never bought it because the PC port is shit, one of the worst I’ve ever seen. i will still get it at some point perhaps, but not at the full price


I made the mistake of not buying the last Red Dead when it came out. After picking up the GOTY edition… Never again. I need my Western fix.

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Why not?


Rockstar games you can preorder, but that\s pretty much the only company that deserves pre/orders.


because these days you can’t trust a publisher to not fuck up the game before release day. look at deus ex. nobody knew microtransactions were in mankind divided until after the release. now that the game is out, the people who preordered don’t have a way out of the microtransactions while the people who never preordered at least don’t have to buy the game.

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I somewhat agree. I’ll preorder a Red Dead 3, or a Max Payne 4, but I’ll never preorder a GTA game after the clusterfuck that was GTA V.

I’ll also preorder games from Bethesda, since they’ve never disappointed me yet.


But I want to buy this game on day one, so I might as well just pre-order it to be sure I have a copy.

it’s always safer to wait a couple of days. don’t preorder, just wait a short bit.

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I’m very excited for this!

Even though GTA V was a total nightmare for single player content, I enjoyed the FPS option they let us have.

RD3 should be fantastic and I’m sure it will be amazing.

That being said I don’t trust video game companies at all, especially after investing so much time and trouble in this HITMAN game and I will not be buying the game until I see gameplay footage and hear the voices of the braves who blindly purchase any game that gets released.


But I don’t want to wait. I’m gonna buy this game, even if it’s shit. Just because I love the games Rockstar makes. I have the same thing with Hitman: no matter how bad the next game might be, I’ll still buy it, just because it’s Hitman.
So that’s why I will pre-order this game (I might even get pre-order bonuses).

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