Red Dead Redemption 2 (October 26 2018)


Tomorrow Morning I’ll definitely be checking those videos out. Especially Westerado. I love 2D games!


While it’s quite likely that Red Dead online will have microtransactions I highly doubt they will interfere with the singleplayer experience, which is really all I’m interested in. After seeing the recent backlash against Star Wars Battlefront II I think many developers will be especially cautious about how they implement paid content in their games going forth. Or at least I hope so.


For Johnny, they should’ve made it so Trevor does a few jobs for him (as well as the ortegas), then we as players can see the damage that the events of Lost and Damned may have had on Johnny, we see someone who ultimately needs to be put down. After casing how the lost and the ortegas operate, Trevor then decides to “ttake over”, we get a boss fight out of Johnny and the whole thing doesn’t feel as forced. May not be the best writing but anythings literally better than what we got.
I’m not even a huge Klebitz fan, but I totally understand the anger his actual fans felt.


Let me know what you think. I’m so tempted to pick up Hard West, but also got too many real life responsibilities right now to sink time into games now :frowning:


Oh me too,I usually play in the late hours. Friends,Work,Responsibilities…man they are killing my gaming life ahah! So,looked Hard West up,looks great. Definitely gonna buy it,seems like its a great and well polished game,so I can’t wait. Just gotta get my gaming pc together but luckily I got a big paycheck bump so I can afford it eheh
Desperados looks interesting and old graphics don’t bother me at all as long as I’m having fun,but I gotta say,Westerado looks the best for my tastes! Gonna probably end up buying them all as soon as I have my pc running! Thanks a lot for your suggestions my man


Few people play GTA for the stories, which have never really stood out for me apart from their occasional quirks and commentary on American pop culture.


This is true. I myself play more for gameplay. But I still stand by my point, I get the feeling that were trying to write “Big” and the final product is a jumbled mess.
Also it is kind of a follow up to GTA IV. While I don’t think IV has the best story or anything it was certainly expansive compared to V, and it did alot more right in terms of writing. When your ending consists of taking out 4 antagonists in what seems like a rushed attempt at a final mission, I think it’s more than fair to call out flaws in the story.


I agree that old school GTAs didn’t have the best story,but with GTA IV they kinda launched the “HD GTA universe” (as said by Rockstar themselves) so I was at least expecting something with that kind of atmosphere. Not to mention how the open world isn’t really that open…I mean…not a lotta places to go tbh.


I would make the argument that V is supposed to be taken less seriously than IV, but that doesn’t excuse the messy story.
The open world does feel a bit barren though espicially compared when compared to IV or even San Andreas. For IV, I think it’s the sense of scale. Everything towers over you and if you were to point the camera upward, it kind of does this effect that makes everything look even larger. Liberty City was carefully crafted to be a unique city, because of this the city itself feels alot bigger than what it actually is.
V on the other hand, feels like only Los Santos was carefully planned Out. The rest of Blaine County and the desert portion feels like an afterthought. There isn’t much to see there except for a few small towns and such. It’s also feels like a chore travelling from Los Santo to Blaine County (and Vice versa). Even when I’m flying there it feels like it takes too long to get there. Just because you can make your open world bigger doesn’t mean you should.


Oh man the part about the travelling being a chore speaks volumes to me. The GTAO missions that they SHAMEFULLY decided to add (y’know the bring x to y and then y to z then sell missions that are a boring grindfest,the ones that they thought were a better idea instead of more heists)are what killed the online part of the game for my and my friends. We completed the Mastermind challenge,bought the latest additions and left. You can notice it so much in the online,because of the absence of cabs to fast travel.
Plus I also agree that the story still isn’t excused for being a parody.
Which,by the way,isn’t even a clever one. Oh my,lemme see,we got:
-Crooked Cops
-Crooked Government
-Hollywood Junkies And Clout Chasers
-A bunch of spoiled Cunts
I mean…I don’t think there’s much more to say honestly. Let’s hope this RDR 2 isn’t a disappointment and that,even though Leslie isn’t at Rockstar anymore,they’ll be customer friendly.


Okay i’m going to get this. Red Dead redemption was really awesome experience for Me because i love Old Western movies Dollars trilogy being My favorite. I completed all the Side missions but i did not collect all the shit because I’m not motivated


I do actually remember completing it 100%. Unfortunately someone deleted all my save data. I look forward to this Though. I’m cautious about the online portion though and I’m hoping the story is a bit more prepared than GTA V.


I will always love GTA V’s story purely for the ending, when it suddenly dawns on them that, hey, why don’t we just solve our problems by killing people, like we’ve done for every other problem we’ve had.


I think I actually hate the ending for that reason. Fealt more like "Oh Shit, we forgot to do something with these antagonists (one of which only appears 2 or 3 times in the game mind you), let’s kill them all in one mission amd call that a finale. It kinda just comes out of no where. The only good part was Weston’s death.


If you havn’t, you should check out the Zero Punctuation review of GTA V where he brings up that point. I must admit, the plots for GTA IV, RDR and GTA V never did much for me. There are good moments and good missions but it never really comes together. RDR’s plot seemed to be forever consisiting of the main character asking someone to help them kill a guy, only to have to do half a dozen side quests as favours before they finally get around to helping kill the guy.

I like the games, I think Rockstar gets the fact that one of the keys to making a great sandbox is that details goes a long way, but the stories of them don’t do much for me. I imagine I will pick up RDR2 when it goes on sale in the future.


RDR had a structure similiar to what you said in some occasions here and there but to me what made it good was the overarching theme of Bandito trying to get clean and my continous hope for him to live an happy everafter since the odds keep being stacked against him.It all leads to definitely one of the most iconic endings of all times,to me.
GTA IV I can understand what you mean,I liked the story but I too felt like at times it was indecisive. The whole game had a gritty dark vibe,which I love,but that it sometimes mixed up suddenly with some commedy moments,since GTA was trying to be both a parody on America and a serious game. Overall,it should have stuck to being a serious game of a dark parody that relates to how people fall into a life of crime,mocking the justice system,how there really aren’t many opportunities for everyone and such and such.
GTA V was the bottom of the Iceberg for me. It was basically the opposite of what GTA IV’s plot tried to do. A Parody with hints of seriousness,which,as you can guess,aside from the fun of the missions,cannot work. Not in the slightest. Plus,too many missions that relied on action movie like shit. Fun for the missions,but the second time around it looks bad.


RDR2 DELAYED (who didn’t see that one coming :joy:)


Dear All,

We are excited to announce that Red Dead Redemption 2 will be released on October 26th 2018. We apologize to everyone disappointed by this delay. While we had hoped to have the game out sooner, we require a little extra time for polish.

We sincerely thank you for your patience and hope that when you get to play the game, you will agree the wait will have been worth it. In the meantime, please check out these screenshots from the game. We look forward to sharing a lot more information with you in the coming weeks.

With thanks,
Rockstar Games


Not trying to bitch here, but if they told us specifically what caused the delay, I’d be more inclined to agree.


well they did

It’s a classic thing developers say


I’d take a polished game any day over a shitty one. GTA V lacked that extra level of polish in some areas (we basically had no indoors areas,no restaurants or cafés,no vigilante missions…and such) so I hope they’ll try and give us THE Far West experience by taking their time.