Red Dead Redemption 2 (October 26 2018)


we don’t have to agree lol… that’s the beauty of discussion…


The game looks pretty, but also very underwhelming. The trailer pretty much failed to get any excitement out of me. It’s really missing that magic that all Rockstar trailers used to have, or maybe i’m just getting old and cynical, after the letdown that GTA V story was.


It was kinda shit wasn’t it?I mean it was fun and all but the writing of it after GTA IV’s plot,which was a lot better and more mature,makes it look like those 3 remorseless killers DESERVE a good ending. After killing innocent cops and robbing banks. Not just considering how Franklin was also as charismatic as a plastic bag,the story left me feeling kinda disappointed. It was a great game,fun and set in a huge map,and the missions(most of 'em) were good ganeplay wise. But in other regards…heh…could’ve been better.


Even if I get the money for this, I won’t buy it off the bat. Take Two has made it clear that they want microtransactions as a mandatory requirement on all their future games, which most certainly includes this one. So I’ll wait reviews.


Much as I love GTA V, the story was kind of its biggest weakness. It felt like it didn’didn’t what to do ot where to go and that’s partly because of the multiple character system.
I wish they would added more missions maybe for story purposes to really flesh things out. 70 missions never really felt like enough for something as amibitious as V.


Exactly! The whole “Michael And Trevor” problem got solved waaaayyy too quickly and painlessly. Tanisha just disappears when she could have been a KEY character in Franklin’s story arc and Franklin does not evolve AT ALL or mature as a character,Madrazo is handled like he is a pathetic ghetto wannabe instead of a powerful cartel druglord that could kill you with a text to right guy,Lamar is one of the best characters and barely gets any screen time at all,so does Michaels Family that are JUST ANNOYING! Its obvious they didn’t know what to do with them. In some times they are slowly maturing and realizing their mistakes. Then minutes after they become “satire” on the average stereotyped spoiled brat/wife.
The FIB just lets 'em go,as if Davey isn’t a risk,just cause only bad guys would have killed him and despite the amoral shit we do,can’t have a sour taste in the end! The Devin situation is also handled fast and easy. It also escalates because of his “betrayal”. He sees a DANGEROUS CREW OF PROFESSIONAL MURDERERS. And tries to fuck with them. And is easily dealt with As if he ISN’T FRIENDS WITH THE OWNER OF MERRYWEATHER,WHO APPARENTLY JUST SENDS 10 MERCS TO GUARD HIS BUSINESS FRIEND! Plus they ruined Johnny Klebitz. And killed him. I get it. Trevor is crazy. Ok. I like Trevor. But at least MAKE THE CHARACTERS FUCKING CONSISTENT. HAVE JOHNNY DIE LIKE A BADASS
. Plus,sidenote,all the other activities?Boring. Golf?Yoga?What the hell man!

GTA V was still ahead of its time in 2013,it still holds up as a great game and improved in some aspects from GTA IV. But goddamn. The story was lacking man. On so many aspects.


Same here, will wait for reviews, GTA V could be bigger than it was and instead of story DLC’s they went multiplayer and i think they are swimming in money from the multiplayer, so i’m worried that RDR 2 can be the new GTA V, when it comes to singleplayer content and multiplayer content.


Preach. I am so afraid of how many microtransactions there could be I am not that hyped honestly…


just about every major company does microtransactions online now because people buy em… it’s just how the landscape of gaming is nowadays unfortunately… i like a good single player open world game, so i am definitely buying RDR2 for the single player experience alone… when it comes to online, we’ll see if it holds up, or how they plan on rewarding players, and the prices of items…

i agree GTAV should of been longer with single player, so perhaps now that we’re back to focusing on 1 character, it could give us the feel of a bigger story…

also, it’s not really selling us on much yet because rockstar has been very low key on what this game is about… 2 cryptic 1 minute trailers are all we have to base the game on… the map certainly looks gorgeous tho…


It’s just that with GTA V’s campaign being “meh” I am very afraid. I’ll just pin it on the 3 characters gig though. I hope it’s good. Will wait for some of you guys to try it though. I know I won’t get hit by biased reviews by you.Maybe I could also look up some reviews online,or the metacritic. Heh,whatever. Let’s just hope it’s a great game! I wanted a good western game for a looong time after RDR.


If you’re not specifically looking for an open world type game, then Desperados is worth checking out. I think those isometric graphics still hold up very well today and the gameplay is very fun.

I’ve also heard extremely good things about ‘Hard West’ which is a more surreal, turn based, tactical game.

And been meaning to check out Westerado, which actually is an open world game, just 2D pixel art.


Tomorrow Morning I’ll definitely be checking those videos out. Especially Westerado. I love 2D games!


While it’s quite likely that Red Dead online will have microtransactions I highly doubt they will interfere with the singleplayer experience, which is really all I’m interested in. After seeing the recent backlash against Star Wars Battlefront II I think many developers will be especially cautious about how they implement paid content in their games going forth. Or at least I hope so.


For Johnny, they should’ve made it so Trevor does a few jobs for him (as well as the ortegas), then we as players can see the damage that the events of Lost and Damned may have had on Johnny, we see someone who ultimately needs to be put down. After casing how the lost and the ortegas operate, Trevor then decides to “ttake over”, we get a boss fight out of Johnny and the whole thing doesn’t feel as forced. May not be the best writing but anythings literally better than what we got.
I’m not even a huge Klebitz fan, but I totally understand the anger his actual fans felt.


Let me know what you think. I’m so tempted to pick up Hard West, but also got too many real life responsibilities right now to sink time into games now :frowning:


Oh me too,I usually play in the late hours. Friends,Work,Responsibilities…man they are killing my gaming life ahah! So,looked Hard West up,looks great. Definitely gonna buy it,seems like its a great and well polished game,so I can’t wait. Just gotta get my gaming pc together but luckily I got a big paycheck bump so I can afford it eheh
Desperados looks interesting and old graphics don’t bother me at all as long as I’m having fun,but I gotta say,Westerado looks the best for my tastes! Gonna probably end up buying them all as soon as I have my pc running! Thanks a lot for your suggestions my man


Few people play GTA for the stories, which have never really stood out for me apart from their occasional quirks and commentary on American pop culture.


This is true. I myself play more for gameplay. But I still stand by my point, I get the feeling that were trying to write “Big” and the final product is a jumbled mess.
Also it is kind of a follow up to GTA IV. While I don’t think IV has the best story or anything it was certainly expansive compared to V, and it did alot more right in terms of writing. When your ending consists of taking out 4 antagonists in what seems like a rushed attempt at a final mission, I think it’s more than fair to call out flaws in the story.


I agree that old school GTAs didn’t have the best story,but with GTA IV they kinda launched the “HD GTA universe” (as said by Rockstar themselves) so I was at least expecting something with that kind of atmosphere. Not to mention how the open world isn’t really that open…I mean…not a lotta places to go tbh.


I would make the argument that V is supposed to be taken less seriously than IV, but that doesn’t excuse the messy story.
The open world does feel a bit barren though espicially compared when compared to IV or even San Andreas. For IV, I think it’s the sense of scale. Everything towers over you and if you were to point the camera upward, it kind of does this effect that makes everything look even larger. Liberty City was carefully crafted to be a unique city, because of this the city itself feels alot bigger than what it actually is.
V on the other hand, feels like only Los Santos was carefully planned Out. The rest of Blaine County and the desert portion feels like an afterthought. There isn’t much to see there except for a few small towns and such. It’s also feels like a chore travelling from Los Santo to Blaine County (and Vice versa). Even when I’m flying there it feels like it takes too long to get there. Just because you can make your open world bigger doesn’t mean you should.