Red Dead Redemption 2 (October 26 2018)


yea the price of the online additions was very troubling, and having to buy all these facilities just to store these expensive vehicles, and etc etc etc… i don’t like what GTAO has become, but it is what it is now… i too don’t play it much anymore outside of the weekly crew night, and the occasional snapmatic…

here’s hoping they realize that RDR online can’t have that same level of interaction since it’s just the wild west, and then perhaps we’ll get fun new adventures with characters we meet in single player…

i had a crazy theory that even though arthur is the main character, i can see there being 3 playable characters, by making 2 other characters minor to the story… the female and the indian that you see in the trailers a few times could be hired hands for arthur, and they do some of the dirty work like bounty collecting and stuff, while arthur focuses on the gang stuff… lol like i said, just a theory :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You nailed it. I want to be a mobster/a hitman/a gangster,not James Bond. GTAO was way too over the top,just like many bits in the campaign itself (Monkey Business,anyone?Stealing a Nuke in the Boat Score?) I mean,I like my sillyness in GTA,it’s perfectly ok,but…flying cars?Fighting terrorists? What am I,some sort of rip off of Sam Fisher?
I just pray that the campaign can be as good and emotional as RDR 1’s story. I wanna believe in Rockstar damnit. I do.



That looks pretty damn good imo.


Yeah, it’s got pumped. Can’t wait to get back to the wild west.


looks gorgeous :heart_eyes:

IGN will have an article to share tomorrow as well, hopefully it talks about what exactly we’re doing, and the mechanics :sunglasses::+1:


That looks incredible. No doubt that the singleplayer story will be phenomenal. Hopefully the multiplayer follows suit.




Rockstar games tend to look the same between cutscene and gameplay, their trailers are always touched up a bit but the gameplay will probably look a lot like this.


But I’m not talking about graphics. I mean actual gameplay. Look at mafia 3. Looked amazing, turned out to be a turd.


This is Rockstar we’re talking about, we have every reason to believe they’re being upfront with their product.


Lol. Dude, Im talking gameplay, like moving the character around. Game mechanics. Doing missions… things that were not in this trailer (except for a snippet).


Oh yeah okay, still this trailer kept me optimistic.


lol, dummee has no interest in this game anyways…

this was the last cinematic trailer for a while, pretty sure we’ll be getting into the meat and potatoes of gameplay and mechanics very soon… perhaps even by tomorrow with all the gaming articles coming out about it…

should be a good read :sunglasses:


Rockstar have a standard marketing procedure. There will be gameplay, just not yet.

That’s a strange way of putting it. Technically the whole game is made up of computer-generated images. Not just the cutscenes.


As long as the campaign is good and the world actually has activities for me to do (unlike GTA V’s “Do Yoga and Play Tennis” whole thing).
Let’s just not get too ahead of ourselves. A trailer is a trailer. I’ll wait for E3 gameplay to get a better understanding of it


Ya, just like every game company., and that’s why for this trailer, I’m sleeping. Nothing special for me here. Just a hype vid, which I don’t get hyped for. I can already expect a AAA game to have amazing graphics.

Well ya, but “CGI” refers to parts of the game where they are not controlled by the player. So for me, these type of vids are completely useless. All they really showcase are graphics, and as I already said and I’ll reiterate, I can already expect a AAA game to have amazing graphics so there’s nothing really exciting about this for me.

I just want to see actual gameplay. That’s the only important part to me.


Got to admit it, I hope for the same. I think it’s because I’m spoiled with the multiple characters from gta v. If they can improve their writing to better fit all three characters that’s fine, but I honestly don’t mind either way. Arthir should make for an interesting protagonist if they just focus on him.


yea i would hope that he’s the main focus, and perhaps the other 2 are just minor distractions to help flesh out the world more… we’ll see what the articles have to say here very soon :sunglasses:

and there’s the whole john marston part of the story, as we know what happened with this gang at the start of the last game…


Has there been any talk about how big the map will be?
Bigger than GTA V?