Red Dead Redemption 2 (October 26 2018)


So is it safe to assume that this isn’t coming out on PC until after the console releases just like GTA V? Might just buy it on PS4 if that’s the case.


Seems like it’s going to be that way.


Yes but from what I understand, GTAO isn’t super big on PvP, but rather a mix of both that and co-op. To me, something like a battle royale mode could become pay to win due to it being PvP mode.


Trailer #3 is coming this Wednesday.


We’re getting trailers for trailers now, hueh


R* sure does love their announcements of announcements :rofl:… i’m just happy that it seems we’re finally past all the delays and it’s actually releasing in late october… i love westerns and the first RDR, been itching to play this one :sunglasses:

i’d imagine it’s gonna be another character/cinematic trailer, so those of us looking for gameplay footage will probably have to wait for the next one…


I wait for the PC version


As optimistic as I would like to be I have this odd feeling we’re going to see one more delay.
Maybe it’s just me but we haven’t seen much info on the game other than pictures and trailers. Although I could just as well be wrong.
I wonder just how different things are gonna be without Leslie Benzies and if they’re gonna fuck up the online mode just like they did to V’s online mode.


well we’re right on the cusp of their 6 month promotional period, and that’s usually when they kick it into high gear… i’ve called each delay months ahead of time, but i was waiting to see what they did at this time, and it appears that they’re finally ready to promote the hell out of it this summer…

leslie was beginning to be a problem around the office… he kind of forced his way out with his attitude… yea it sucks we never got a single player for GTAV, but why stop adding to something that turned GTAV into one of the biggest selling games of all time? i don’t blame them for focusing on online, but i just can’t see 'em finding enough content for the wild west like they did in los santos… you can only buy the same looking cowboy hat a few times lol :smile:

i expect RDR2 will have some single player DLC to prolong its shelf life…


Not likely, both Rockstar and their CEO have reiterated that the game will release in October, most recently in Rockstar’s tweet about the upcoming trailer. So I wouldn’t expect any further delays. Then again… they are Rockstar.


When I pointed out how gta v was ruined I wasn’t referring to how theu only focused on the online mode. Yes I agree, the fact that there is no single player content was troubling, but I was pretty happy that they added free updates to gta online. My problem is what they had started to add. I didn’t like how everything was getting overly expensive and how gta turned into an over the top military shooter in some of the more recent updates. I quit playing the game almost entirely and only really play when a friend asks me to. Gta online lost it’s way from what it used to be and to me, that’s a real shame.

I’ve heard some things about benzies being a nuisance but I’ve also heard things from Benzies side (like how they needed him, in order to release RDR in time) that are hurtful to rockstars reputation as well. Although i guess those are just accusations so I won’t really point fingers at either side.

It’s good that october is the settled date then and in that case I’m a little more optimistic for any coming news about RDR2. They have quite a bit to live up to with the sequel. So I’m interested in how they’ll top it. :slight_smile:


yea the price of the online additions was very troubling, and having to buy all these facilities just to store these expensive vehicles, and etc etc etc… i don’t like what GTAO has become, but it is what it is now… i too don’t play it much anymore outside of the weekly crew night, and the occasional snapmatic…

here’s hoping they realize that RDR online can’t have that same level of interaction since it’s just the wild west, and then perhaps we’ll get fun new adventures with characters we meet in single player…

i had a crazy theory that even though arthur is the main character, i can see there being 3 playable characters, by making 2 other characters minor to the story… the female and the indian that you see in the trailers a few times could be hired hands for arthur, and they do some of the dirty work like bounty collecting and stuff, while arthur focuses on the gang stuff… lol like i said, just a theory :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You nailed it. I want to be a mobster/a hitman/a gangster,not James Bond. GTAO was way too over the top,just like many bits in the campaign itself (Monkey Business,anyone?Stealing a Nuke in the Boat Score?) I mean,I like my sillyness in GTA,it’s perfectly ok,but…flying cars?Fighting terrorists? What am I,some sort of rip off of Sam Fisher?
I just pray that the campaign can be as good and emotional as RDR 1’s story. I wanna believe in Rockstar damnit. I do.



That looks pretty damn good imo.


Yeah, it’s got pumped. Can’t wait to get back to the wild west.


looks gorgeous :heart_eyes:

IGN will have an article to share tomorrow as well, hopefully it talks about what exactly we’re doing, and the mechanics :sunglasses::+1:


That looks incredible. No doubt that the singleplayer story will be phenomenal. Hopefully the multiplayer follows suit.




Rockstar games tend to look the same between cutscene and gameplay, their trailers are always touched up a bit but the gameplay will probably look a lot like this.