Red Dead Redemption 2 (October 26 2018)


I’m half expecting the story to end with Morgan dying and after we play as John Marston again.


It is always because money. I can imagine R* has no devs for PC at all and just hire some to port a game when they dont have any swimming pools left to store the money in.


it kind of has to do with online as well… as soon as PC gets their hands on it, they start creating ported mods over to consoles, which is a big no no with R*…

plus there’s far more money in consoles, so that is their main focus at the moment… RDR didn’t get a PC port, but i am sure RDR2 will because of the rockstar editor and refocused commitment on their thriving machinima community… we’ll see tho :yum:


You can also chalk this up to making sure the port is up to par. Quite a few PC ports are released when they clearly need more time.
If there’s one thing II’ve learned from Rockstar all these years it’s that they’ll never rush a product.
I’m sure they have their reasons for holding out on a pc port. I would however, be suprised if they never released one like the first game.


Because console is the master race :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I mean, possibly. It still strikes me as odd. Nowadays it seems pretty standard for 3rd party companies to release games for the PC, Xbox One and PS4. It’s not like we’re in the PS2 era. I just think it’s a bit odd, the only other companies I notice this with is Japanese companies, not a Western company.


An interesting watch!



TL:DR - ign on rockstar - “so r* basically took everything that Ubisoft did with watch dogs and Ac unity and put it in their game and making it sound like it’s new as they are changing the way they are “making” open world games. Lol.

Literally fucking idiots who come up with these vids as if they’ve never played other games before. Lmao.


Thanks for the tl;dr, I can’t be helped but I like texts more than viral trendy videos.


Promotional shit is always vomit-inducing, though nothing will ever change the fact that Rockstar always has been and always will be the king of open-world gaming. The term GTA-clone didn’t come from nowhere.


To be fair, during the PS2 era, there were very few open world games made that wern’t garbage. Rockstar was certainly the king back then because so few could get it right. Nowadays open world games are a dime a dozen, with Ubisoft really focusing on them lately. Rockstar are still great at making extremely high quality sandboxes but I think others can contest Rockstar on their level.


Yet every single one of their efforts has been so… boring and bloated?


Well sure, but that’s because they start with something promising and run into the ground. Assassin’s Creed II and Brotherhood were great games which felt new and exciting, with the parkour and historical settings. Then future AC games started to run out of things to add, more unneccesary gimmicks, boring plots. Same with Far Cry, 2 and 3 establish a great formula, and then 4, Primal and from what I hear 5 to an extent are a bit of the same.

Ubisoft is the inverse of Rockstar really, Rockstar take their time and only release games every few years, while Ubisoft insists on milking their franchises to the breaking point, when they had to take a year off for AC.


Which sort of lends credit to their continuous King status imo, though I have to say I did not like GTAV that much. I would say that Bethesda would be a worthy competitor, if the games they made were as good as the worlds they built.


I dunno, I don’t think they are outright kings compared to the PS2 era. I just think other companies can rival them now, especially since open world games doesn’t just mean a modern day city with criminals shooting each other. I’d argue The Witcher 3 is a game that can go toe to toe with Rockstar’s best.


Absolutely agreed about The Witcher 3, but that’s one game. I would say that I enjoy Kingdom Come Deliverance as much if not more than RDR or Fallout, but you can’t crown a studio as open-world kings for one game.


i can agree there, rockstar and bethesda make amazing open worlds… i am currently replaying fallout 4 because i love that world so much… rockstar and bethesda are the two companies that i will literally throw my money at because of their track record… and RDR2 is looking like another masterpiece…

plus it’s fun to play games with friends, and with GTAV, i made a lot of them, friends i still talk to daily… and we’re excited about jumping into this world as well… despite the state of GTAO currently, it was a fun sandbox to hang out in… i have faith that riding around with a posse will be just as fun as it was in the first RDR :sunglasses:


I have put probably more time into Fallout 3 and Skyrim than any games on the planet, but I had to rely heavily on imagination because the overall story for those games are terrible imo. That aspect pushes them back quite a bit, for me.


it’s called roleplaying :sunglasses:… you create this persona of your character and try to play the game thru their eyes… i can enjoy that sort of style with bethesda games because of the multitude of styles you can play as…

i think i am in the same boat for skyrim and fallout 3… i logged so many hours into those worlds lol,…