Red Dead Redemption 2 (October 26 2018)


To be fair, during the PS2 era, there were very few open world games made that wern’t garbage. Rockstar was certainly the king back then because so few could get it right. Nowadays open world games are a dime a dozen, with Ubisoft really focusing on them lately. Rockstar are still great at making extremely high quality sandboxes but I think others can contest Rockstar on their level.


Yet every single one of their efforts has been so… boring and bloated?


Well sure, but that’s because they start with something promising and run into the ground. Assassin’s Creed II and Brotherhood were great games which felt new and exciting, with the parkour and historical settings. Then future AC games started to run out of things to add, more unneccesary gimmicks, boring plots. Same with Far Cry, 2 and 3 establish a great formula, and then 4, Primal and from what I hear 5 to an extent are a bit of the same.

Ubisoft is the inverse of Rockstar really, Rockstar take their time and only release games every few years, while Ubisoft insists on milking their franchises to the breaking point, when they had to take a year off for AC.


Which sort of lends credit to their continuous King status imo, though I have to say I did not like GTAV that much. I would say that Bethesda would be a worthy competitor, if the games they made were as good as the worlds they built.


I dunno, I don’t think they are outright kings compared to the PS2 era. I just think other companies can rival them now, especially since open world games doesn’t just mean a modern day city with criminals shooting each other. I’d argue The Witcher 3 is a game that can go toe to toe with Rockstar’s best.


Absolutely agreed about The Witcher 3, but that’s one game. I would say that I enjoy Kingdom Come Deliverance as much if not more than RDR or Fallout, but you can’t crown a studio as open-world kings for one game.


i can agree there, rockstar and bethesda make amazing open worlds… i am currently replaying fallout 4 because i love that world so much… rockstar and bethesda are the two companies that i will literally throw my money at because of their track record… and RDR2 is looking like another masterpiece…

plus it’s fun to play games with friends, and with GTAV, i made a lot of them, friends i still talk to daily… and we’re excited about jumping into this world as well… despite the state of GTAO currently, it was a fun sandbox to hang out in… i have faith that riding around with a posse will be just as fun as it was in the first RDR :sunglasses:


I have put probably more time into Fallout 3 and Skyrim than any games on the planet, but I had to rely heavily on imagination because the overall story for those games are terrible imo. That aspect pushes them back quite a bit, for me.


it’s called roleplaying :sunglasses:… you create this persona of your character and try to play the game thru their eyes… i can enjoy that sort of style with bethesda games because of the multitude of styles you can play as…

i think i am in the same boat for skyrim and fallout 3… i logged so many hours into those worlds lol,…


Well, the story for New Vegas was probably the best of the Fallout games, which is why I keep going back to it.


New Vegas is the only Fallout or Elder Scrolls title post-2008 that I think has a worthwhile storyline and quest design to it, and even then that’s Obsidian.


So you guys are arguing “preference” when it comes to King of open world? Lol.


If you got bored with the missions, then try this for a refreshing change. Turn off all HUD, use only the map for navigation, and have a go at some of the mysteries/puzzles the game has to offer (like the Chiliad Mystery). This way, I have found the game to be very interesting, and you also get to appreciate how much content has actually been carefully thought out and put in!


It’s not just the missions, it’s everything. Physics took a major step back from IV, the map space is not used well, there are really fun features like vigilante missions that were pointlessly removed, and that’s not even going into the story and characters being the blandest in Rockstar history. I bought the game on launch, completed it over the weekend and spent years playing GTAO, but at this point in time, especially after revisiting past rockstar titles like GTAIV and Max Payne 3, I just find V to be very dissapointing in every way.


i’m currently playing red dead redemption, got the itch to play it, thought i’d mess around a bit before work… i gotta say, it’s very nostalgic, i kind of miss it lol…


The game just holds up so amazingly well, it honestly feels better than most “polished” games that release these days to me. Just the simple actions of riding across plains or sending someone staggering from pistol-fire feel timeless and masterful.


So here’s a bit of a question to you guys. Do you feel like Rockstar’s method of Marketing has changed? I was watching this video that suggested the same and I can’t help but agree. Something feels a bit different.
NOT saying that it’s a bad thing, just some thoughts I had.


I don’t feel much of a change to be honest. Maybe it’s a bit more hollywood-esque and serious with it’s tone,whereas before it was a bit more satirical,but even then,not that much,and it is RDR so it needs that kind of atmosphere. If we are talking business practices then we’ll just have to see how user friendly the game is


Also replaying the story is an absolute blast. Not to mention the ending. Absolutely gutting!
Bounty Hunting was also a fun side activity,but then again,there were so many fun things you could do! Even just messing around with the physics was entertaining.


it’s strange to say this, but RDR2 will be the first R* game made on this generation of consoles… we forget with all the updates to GTAO, that they haven’t made a game yet on this gen tech…

this article touches on that, and it’s a good read for fans of their worlds… they’ve really put a lot of effort into this game, no wonder it’s been 5 years since their last game lol… and the last paragraph really puts it all into perspective… not only have they been working on this game for 8 years, but for the first time, they’ve asked all of their studios to help make a game… it won’t say rockstar games san diego, it’s going to be presented as a rockstar games production…