Red Dead Redemption 2 (October 26 2018)


Just a summary vid on some already known info. Still a good watch.


gta-series is the best :sunglasses:… the most trusted sorce for anything R*…



Here’s a list of some confirmed details and features:

  • There will only be one playable character.

  • You can influence the relationship between certain gang members.

  • Morgan can talk to almost every NPC in the game world

  • Morgan can go and hunt for treasures.

  • Morgan can go fishing.

  • Wounded animals can be tracked and will eventually collapse

  • The game uses no “magic pockets”. Everything that Morgan carries will be visible on him.

  • If you hunt rabbits or other small animals, they will hang on the side of your horse.

  • Amount of meat is based on how you kill it. Arrows will yield you the most.

  • Meat and animals will rot over time

  • NPCs will react differently depending on your behavior, appearance, actions (in one demo Morgan was trespassed from a farmers property).

  • You can pour coffee and check up on your gang

  • You can watch farmers herd animals, bugs in your ears

  • Your bond with your horse will result in different behaviors.

  • If injured, your horse can bleed out. If you wait too long, the horse can die.

  • Larger weapons are stored on your horse. Lose your horse you lose the weapons.

  • Dead Eye returns. Cinematic camera angles for some kills using Dead Eye.

  • In a robbery someone shot Arthur’s hat and it fell off into the mud. You can go and pick it up later.

  • Large majority of drawers and cupboards can be opened, robbed of possessions.

  • Morgan will grow a beard dynamically and it can be styled.

  • RDR2 is a consolidated effort by all of Rockstar’s studios - been in development for 8 years.

  • New AI system has been in development alongside the game

  • Buildings and railroads can be seen in construction and towns will grow in size

Other reports are saying it’s the first game to feel ‘truly next-gen’ and that it looks incredible on base PS4 hardware. It really seems like Rockstar are going for an unprecedented level of detail and interaction with Red Dead 2. I’m pretty damn excited for October 26.


Ok guys…don’t get hyped…this… oh geez …this could still be bad ok? Remember that disappointments are always a…a possibility and…



Rockstar games never disappoint. Most likely going to be a Day 1 purchase for me unless they somehow ruin RDR Online.


Well when GTA V came out, the online wasn’t available at launch. They could do the same thing for RDR potentially if they wanted to do.


I wonder if there’ll be a PC version released down the line.


Ya and then when it did come out, the servers couldn’t handle the load and online was total garbage for the first couple of weeks/months.

So it’s possible online won’t be available right away. It’s also better that way so they allow everyone to play the campaign first.


A summary of everything we know so far.


Pre-order available with bonus content:

In addition to the War Horse and Outlaw Survival Kit mentioned above, digital pre-orders on the PlayStation Store and Xbox Store will also receive these added rewards:

Cash Bonus for Red Dead Redemption 2 Story Mode: The Van der Linde gang is always looking for ways to make more money and bring in new supplies. This in-game cash bonus will give Arthur Morgan enough to buy a weapon, some food, a handful of useful items and ammunition.

Treasure Map: Secret buried treasure can be found throughout the world of Red Dead Redemption 2. This exclusive Treasure Map for Story Mode will give Arthur a head start on the hunt for hidden riches. Must pre-order by July 31, 2018.


Kinda stupid that the Collector’s Box doesn’t include the game itself. Oh well, guess I’ll go with both the Ultimate Edition and the Collector’s Box. That’s almost €200 but it’ll be worth it. :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s the thing, we don’t know if it will be worth it and right now we don’t know how big the single player part is or if multiplayer will “steal” content from the single player and with this in mind, I think it’s odd to end the pre-order july 31, unless we will learn everything about the single player and multiplayer at this year’s E3.

Hahaha, oops, okay, but I will not pre-order just for a treasure map, looks like it only give you a head-start, but the treasures can be found anyway? I’m prepared to be wrong once again :joy:.


The pre-order doesn’t end July 31, you just don’t get the treasure map if you pre-order after that date.


i’m not pre-ordering just yet, not sure if i want to just go with the standard edition or not… i don’t really care about the available bonuses because, most of the time, these bonuses are only OP for a few hours until you unlock something better, and the rest of the stuff is just outfits and extras…

and sorry, rockstar, but i don’t want to have to wait to get my physical copy and install it… i’m all in with the digital age now, so i’m sure i’ll just be going with the digital pre-order…

the collectors box looks cool tho, but $100 is $100 :grimacing:


Not a fan of collector’s editions and bonuses, I’ll just buy the game standard on release as per usual.


Me neither.


Yeah, I don’t think I can stay away from buying a RDR game, no matter how short it is, can I buy COD and Battlefield for the single player only, then I should also be able to buy RDR 2 regardless of it have multiplayer or not. I love the western and six shooter, Winchester rifle and a horse, that’s spot on for me, I hope there is many missions and i hope it is a lot of these: robbery missions with the Van der Linde gang :blush:


Pretty happy that the War Horse is making a return, even it is getting a redesign. The Collectors box is a huge let down, mostly because it doesn’t come with the damn game. Idk why companies think that’s a good idea because imo it just makes you look greedy…
I’ve also noticed there was quite a bit of focus on online content. While I’m sure the story will be about as good as the first rdr, I really hope that they give both single player and online the same amount of focus. The fact that there are online bonuses for preordering one of the better editions is a bit worrying.


Normally with a Rockstar title I usually go for the collectors edition but when I saw the base game isn’t included that was disappointing to see. Think I will probably go for the ultimate edition now.


Yeah right! Time to show them this is not okay, let’s -

… uh, have fun then I guess :stuck_out_tongue: