Red Dead Redemption 2 (October 26 2018)


ha I’m still a huge Rockstar fan though. I just believe that all collector editions should include the game!


Wait I haven’t been paying attention, there is a version of the game that doesn’t include the game? What?


It technically isn’t a version of the game. They named it the Collector’s Box and it comes with a bunch of physical stuff. Not the game itself though, Something like this is pretty unexpected from Rockstar. At least in my opinion… but then again GTA Online was a pretty clear sign of things to come.


Shit like this scares me to death,but luckily it’s more of a marketing move. Unless it’s Take-Two moving the strings,the dev teams working on RDR2 and GTA V/GTAO are completely different and never interact with each other.
Ok yeah,going back on it,them greedy fucks at TakeTwo decided to strike again

(From good old reddit)
FULL GAME my ass.


Rockstar are ass at creating Special and Collector’s edition content. I bought the GTA V collectors and it was one of the dumbest decisions ever.

The extra guns, clothes and cars were literally just subpar reskins of other content already in the base game. You get some 33% bonuses on things like gun damage and shop discount, but it’s nothing worth spending real life money on.

Don’t think you’re missing out on much by not getting these.


True, the only good thing with pre-order any digitale games is that you can download the game one or three days earlier and can start it on release day, but i’m doing my best to stay away from pre-order all together.

I would add Hitman to this short list we have so far on pretty safe to pre-order games :grinning:.

True, even if the previous game was great, we can’t be sure the next game is the same, Project Cars 1 was great, so i pre-ordered Project Cars 2 and that was not so great and I stopped playing it shortly after i bought it, so that was ca 600,- NOK right out the window :flushed:


Ahh that’s how they get you. I mean,Pre-Ordering RDR2 is a generally safe thing,I’d assume. But that’s just the fact,I assume so. We never know. Mighty N9 was supposed to be good,but it was shit. So was No Man’s Sky. Of course these examples are meh because this is Rockstar,not some indie dev team,but the train of thought is “you never know when shit hits the fan”,so I’d rather avoid said fan.


Kinda salty about the Robbery mission,but I think you’re right all in all. Surely it won’t be THAT great.
This is not EA


Yeah man you always need to watch out on that.

I should know.

I pre-ordered the DedSec Edition of Watch Dogs 1.


Take into account the “Murder Mystery” bonus “Mission” in GTAV, which was essentially just a very anti climatic link of messages on walls.

Robbery mission probably means you’ll get to pickpocket some drunk guy in an alley for ten gold coins and a health drink.


i bet the robbery mission included in the special editions will be the same one they used in the preview articles for IGN and such :joy:


Wasn’t the Murder Mystery meant for the next gen release, not the pre-order? Although yeah I get what you’re saying. Solve this unsolved murder for over 40 years to get a new filter for your game!


Yeah, you’re right that wasn’t the Collectors. It just goes to show how they’ll market anything as a “mission” or something more than it actually is.


Cant say im hyped about this one. For the first time in all my years ill be passing up a blind purchase of a R* game. Something about GTA V turned me off towards them. Oh i remember the fact that they can just go on a random tangent and put flying cars in their games.


GTAV turned me off too, but the trailers they’ve shown so far have me feeling pretty optimistic. Regarding online, they stated that there will be no military vehicles or weaponry so I don’t think we have to worry about the game becoming cluttered with a bunch of extravagant, overpowered nonsense. We’ll see, of course.


Well I wouldn’t expect that in an RDR game. Though I am somewhat curious what dlc RDR Online will have. I’m not super optimistic about online dlc.

I’m somewhat hopeful for the story of the game espicially since the game has been in the making for a long time. GTA V was somewhat disappointing when it came out but I’I’m sure that one protagonist may be better for the story… even if I’m slightly spoiled by the multiple protags of V.


Rumor has it they’ve already planned a few microtransactions. Take-2 has already given them the go-ahead.



Well we all knew that already. The fact that there are even Online bonuses on the pre-orders are a pretty big hint that they plan to make as much money off of RDR Online as they did GTA online. I don’t know what type of DLC RDR Online will have but chances are that it may be an atrocious grind fest even if it doesn’t go over the top like gta online. I don’t think it’ll be as bad as flying horses though. That’s pushing it even for Rockstar.


We’re getting a gameplay trailer tomorrow.


Looks great!