Red Dead Redemption 2 (October 26 2018)


Looks amazing, and I really love the not-so overwhelmingly bright visuals, and the Gta 5 - style shooting with even more details & totally buying it for the PS4.

However FUCK Rockstar and their no PC supporting optimization choices. Just because you are one of the biggest names in the modern video-game industries arse, does not mean deciding to have all the privilieges, even going as far as to not put something on one platform, saying ‘‘We usually create next gen on PC so it takes a bit more time blablabla’’. Lmfao, no bitch you are stalling for time, and leaving more than 60% of the world’s gaming fanbase hanging and waiting 2 more years for a fucking optimization on 1 single device.

Even their fucking fanbase supports this shit, these are actual coments, from actual people, on the actual youtube video, copied onto quotes:

A pc is ment for work get a real gaming platform slave

boo hoo

Your loss mouse boy

hahahahaha mouse boy

your pc master race isnt a master race at all enjoy waiting 2 more years whilest we enjoy it on the one x

Although PC players are usually more stupid on platforms like steam, that still does not help with being whiny little cunts of commenters and being the most money hungry company in the world.


It looks amazing and this is a game I think is a must have, maybe I will even pre-order it now :grinning:.


All departments have roped into RDR2. It’s outsourced to other R* studios. Build in house at R* North or SD

This. In before BONDS.

It was alright. But in hindsight, we should have gotten like 10 million GTA$ with it, since they did all this in mind.

To be fair, could you blame them when everything they do gets ruined by PC hackers and stuff. Compare the lobbies, PC one is a mess to this day, that R* lost control and had to remove insurance. Also all the upcoming content gets datamined by PC files through Open IV so they don’t want a Day 1 player posting the ending cutscene at launch.

It’ll come to PC eventually, when it’s all done and dusted, but as a consumer, that’s why I cannot ever use PC as my main gaming choice, from games quality to ports to late releases. Can’t be having that I’m afraid. No security of assurance that I will be treated equally by the industry.



This looks cool! Yet to come across a Rockstar title that compromises on attention to details.

@ObiBobi18, do check out the below article if you hadn’t earlier.

I know it’ll be late but it’s better late than never. Also, with how well GTA V was optimized for PC, I don’t think there’s cause for concern in that regard.


The Master Race. (Blah, blah, blah…)


You can’t be boycotted by PC players if you dont release PC games anymore.


It looks so damn good!

I honestly don’t know how I will pull myself off it to play Hitman 2 a couple weeks later!


Looks like there is an “Instinct” mode to track wounded prey.


This looks REALLY good,including the whole “choices have consequences” addition to the game. I always thought that their games would profit from it. GTA and RDR could have really interesting setups. I’m less skeptical now,BUT knowing that Rockstar as of late has been questionable,I’ll still wait for reviews.
I hope the next GTA has the same “choices and consequences” system,maybe expanded,and focuses more on becoming a kingpin and building your empire(more like a rise from gangster to henchman to godfather) and less in a “we rob banks cuz we want da dolla dollah papling caching. Also FBI BS.”
As of right now,the game seems to be EXACTLY what I wanted. And it looks gorgeous. I pray that the game keeps a balance between the in game purchases shit they’ll probably pull of and a player friendly experience.