Red Dead Redemption 2 (October 26 2018)


Yikes. I better clear some space…


Gameplay trailer part 2!!! :grinning::


Wow, that looks amazing! And the great thing is, we know they’ll deliver. :slight_smile:


Looks awesome, I’m going to do the first five missions then play poker for six hours straight (no pun intended).


Will this be the best Rockstar game ever made? Sounds like it will be.


OMG looks AMAZING :heart:

That’s what i call a great gameplay trailer!!

Definitely buying it on PC :+1:
(like in 2020 i guess)


Game looks amazing and the first person perspective is leaps and bounds better than GTA V’s. Looking super promising.


I can’t wait!!! I’m not gonna be able to go to work the next couple of months :sweat_smile:
Red Dead Redemption 2, HITMAN 2, Fallout 76.

I love the attention to detail in RD2! Every little thing is thought of, and that’s what makes it so great!


Too many good games at once. Spyro aswell


I’ve been really hyped for Red Dead 2 for ages. Sadly, not going to let it take priority over HITMAN 2. Don’t have the time to immerse myself in both. I’ll be getting this early next year probably.


Interesting video about voice actor for John Marston


Such a great video. It’s really cool to know that he’s back for RDR2, despite ‘retiring’ from voice acting.


I’ve never been a big fan of their GTA franchise, so it’s great that we’ll get a companion to their best game.
Looks amazing so far!




Look like reasonable online trophies, they always worry me the most in these games since none of my friends like grinding for trophies :roll_eyes:


planning to plat run this one as well?

You don’t ever record or stream your stuff do you?


Yeah. Hardest one seem to be MVP one but that’s easy.

Ofcourse :slight_smile:

And nah I haven’t seemed to bother streaming. Not sure if anyone would be interested tbh ahha.

I typically record the glitches of the game


I actually would just to see how you play games.

just curious to see the difference between your typical play session and mine.


Sure. I’ll see what I can do mate :slight_smile:

I’ll be what people call “rushing” but that’s my normal playing speed lol

I hunger on content and goals so whatever I need to do, I’ll be tunnelling for it haha.

I’ll see when I’m off work to do so :slight_smile:


yep, preciate you man.

You aint gotta do a whole lot, an hour or whatever if even that. I just wanna see this rush style.