Red Dead Redemption 2 (October 26 2018)


The clunky controls and the overall unintuitiveness makes this game very frustrating.
I enjoy the views and the details but gameplay wise this is not worth the money so far (I’m only 20% in so far however)…


HITMAN 2 needs similar gore, ok?


I personally enjoy the game!
I’m that Roleplaying type, so I don’t run through town unless it’s necessary, I don’t shot someone unless they deserve it, I change his clothes every day if possible and so on. So the slow walk he has is only great in my opinion as it adds a more human depth to him.
Same goes for ridding through the whole map for a single mission, it doesn’t bother me, especially not since so much can happen on the way to your destination.

The mechanics are fine in my opinion. Only thing that bothers me is that when you holster your rifle, he puts it in his other hand. You can’t double tap to put it on the back…
And then the fact that the clothing options aren’t that wide with more options, such as the shirt being over your pants and being able to remove the straps… or buy a blazer that isn’t long and ends at your feet :sweat_smile:
Its minor things really. But it is a very immersive game!


For somebody that has the game.
How many buildings can you actually enter??
Can you enter houses too??

Is it like GTA where most of the buildings you couldnt even enter?


Most of the houses and buildings can be entered, but it’s possible that some doors are locked. The world is also much more alive: I was riding through the woods and came across a house. The owners invited me in for dinner. :stuck_out_tongue:


oh wow.
thats cool. not sure if i should get this or wait for gta 6


Wait for GTA6? You’ll be waiting at least 5 years for that.


oh fuck yeah! this is what I call realism. I know I’ve discussed this topic a lot of times on the forum but hear me out. Hitman and the new trademark ‘Think Deadly’ doesn’t work properly when NPCs just fall flat or just fly around after a big explosion or having been shot in the face with a shotgun.

This, added layer of gore will definitely make the player THINK before he/she goes into combat because the same thing can happen to him/her. Use of disguises, playing/scaring the npc AI after they witness a massacre will add a lot to the game. 47 is not Sam Fisher, he doesn’t need to hide in the shadows, he hides in plain sight.

I wish there were mod tools to overhaul the game’s combat, gore, dismemberment, sound effects etc. Hitman 2 has surely checked a lot of stuff on my wish list and i cant wait to lay the game :wink:


Yes, detailed blood and gore would greatly add to the realistic nature of Hitman. Just take a look at this clip from RDR2, you can even crack NPCs’ skulls open leaving their eyes hanging down. This shit’s something you would expect from


gaddamn! this is fucking amazing! :heart:


i would love some dismemberment in Hitman! maybe only when they get hit by an explosion, but it would be so cool. i don’t care if i have to hide each body part separately, a realistic gore system like that would be awesome




Shrug Thought Hitman 2016 had perfectly fine gamepad controls, and yes they are far better than RDR2.


I still enjoy RDR2 though. The variety and scope of this game is mind boggling. But control wise?

It’s sh*t.


I would give it a nine the controls to me are more on the side of weighty then clunky but still wiegh it down from being perfect. So many other games have been more faster and RDR2 is has had the slowest in a while and I think it is throwing people off.


Absolution did but 2016 has awful input lag


I play both on PC and my XBox One. Perhaps it’s just me, but I just don’t notice it at all (and I play mouse/keyboard on PC). Besides some tricks that you can’t do on the controller vs. keyboard/mouse, I honestly prefer playing console, but to each their own?


Normally I would say that level of gore is not fitting to Hitman, but the idea one has to hide all parts sounds interesting. One might even be able to holster limbs or use them as melee weapons is a funny idea. :joy:



And 47 is no stranger to holstering body parts.


Contracts is so freakin’ good.