Red Dead Redemption 2 (October 26 2018)


I think the game is fun.

Having a blast.

I enjoy the controls nice and weighty. I really enjoy the camera shake when things get fast and heavy. The shooting is very satisfying. I need more things to shoot.

The survival mechanics are interesting, I can’t really fault it, it’s not overly simple and it’s not super complex. You can live on crackers and cigarettes, Kentucky bourbon if you fancy. I am underweight.

I really enjoy the horse and riding around. I enjoy the environment the aloneness in some areas, it’s nice to just ride and chill. I think this game takes a different mind set than is popular in other fast past shooting games. I wouldn’t call this a shooter. I see why folks say the buttons are unresponsive or clunky or slow. Actually actions can be strung together, you can tell the character to do one things while it is still doing another for seamless transaction like a fighting game. I honestly think people are taking the game too fast like a Nathan Drake game or something. I still haven’t really fast traveled.

Yeah the strangers and freaks repeat,the same guy is trying to shoe his horse even after his horse knocks him in his head, it’s still a game after all.

I dunno if my expectations were too high, I felt hyped like everyone else. I got a slow paced (even though everyone is always rushing me in missions) methodical game that takes a little planning and micromanaging to get safely from one place to another. The adventure is the trip.

For me I think this game is legend, I will be playing this multiple play throughs and for years to come just like MGS Phantom Pain.

The music is very fitting. I enjoy hunting in this game more than any other-and I don’t like hunting in games. The side missions are really enjoyable. Money has a point in the game. It takes a while to get use to all the small games mechanics buttons and timing for everything. You mess up if you get flustered or move too fast. Trying to feed yourself, while trying to do dead eye, while trying to stay in destructible cover with a flanking A.I. I bet alot of folks get over whelmed cause it’s alot. Took me a good while to get use to dead eye and I will still get wrecked on a quick draw if I ain’t careful.

The trick is being prepared and using those binoculars. I can’t over state how much I love the horses. I ain’t lose one yet. I love doing trick turns and going fast in crowds drifting. It feels good to pay off a bounty, it feels like paying bills in real life. There is a feeling of freedom that comes with it. It’s very restrictive which goes with the theme of the game. It really controls your behavior.

Oh and the guns. Augh, I ain’t even a gun lover. I don’t know anything about them. But these old school weapons make my day. It took me a long while to get use to how slow everything is in shooting. You have to make shots count.

I love the shootin, the riding, and while it is way too easy to be a good guy they have some really nice choices the player can choose for themselves that is not cut and dry.

Bravo Rockstar.



All these “1000+ INSANE LITTLE DETAILS YOU NEED TO SEE!” videos are slowly driving me crazy.


people are gonna make those bread and butter for years.

I am thinking skyrim but MORE


Abel and me at Lagras, in the Bayou.


Was on r/reddeadredemption, saw this:

Honestly can’t wait to get this game and try out all the customization for Arthur and his guns. Gonna make the Man in Black from Westworld lmao



Awesome! And to top it off, you have a cool hat swap animation at the end. Really great job by the team!


This video is 47 seconds long. Hmmm


i bought this Game and i’m halfway trough the story (i think) and…it kinda sucks?
its technically impressive and a beautiful looking Game, but the Story (so far) is lame as shit and the Characters are so boring, compared to Irish,
Nigel West-Dickens and Seth from RDR1.

The Moving Controls are as bad as they where in RDR1, but the Gunplay is way worse. Also i think their Attention to Detail is more like an obsession now - i dont need to see the same Animation for looting a Corpse twenty times in a Row and what is wrong with the damn holstering on the Horse? i have the feeling after every cutscene my Rifles disappear from my Horse…

long story short: its an overhyped Game that didnt ironed out the flaws of its predecessor, but all the Stuff i liked about it.

i will finish it and then probably never play it again.


So I recently finished the game and I decided to give a review on it. It is a long one

Story and Characters: I love the story. It is a little slow to begin but for me things really start to pick up after the shootout in Valentine towards the end of chapter two. From there it is nothing but a slow descent into chaos culminating in the ending followed by an actual epilogue. Like it does not just end with a side mission and a newspaper, there are missions and everything. The main characters are well developed seeing Arthur, Dutch and John all change and slowly evolve into the people they become, sans Arthur who dies via prequel. Not only that but the rest of the crew are well written. I still get a laugh out of Uncle and his drunken antics. The side characters (those related to the side quests) are also well developed and like the main characters explore the facets of a dying West. From scientist unlocking electricity to suffragettes. They are also well acted and captured as well. They really make the most out of what they are given.

Visuals: I am not a graphics guy but the visuals are amazing. There is some great cinematography and lighting in the cutscenes. The actual locations themselves are varied from treacherous swamps in Lemonye to the mountains of Ambarino. There are little details thrown in and impressive effects like blood and explosions.

Music and Sound: Woody Jackson did it again the music is fantastic and its changes from location to location and situational changes is great. From the more hayseed music in Rhodes to the fife and drum music when taking on the Cavalry. The sound effects are amazing and as good at providing details as the visuals. Like a mining town has bells toll hourly for worker shifts or the jazz musician that plays in Saint Denis. Also guns sound good I think never been around a lot of them

Controls and Animations: I have no clue why people are having difficulties with the shooting I got the hand of it by the middle of Chapter Two. After so many games that want you to play faster and faster and floaty and loose it is rewarding to have a game with a more slow and subdued control scheme. The game is well animated but there is still some problems with actually getting correct prompts to show up. Horses are good but controlling them around tight turns is hard and results into a few tree collisions, really the horses are my only problem with the game. The stats like weight and cleanliness are do not fuck up the game play significantly like in GTA SA. I have no problems with the bounty system outside of the usual whataboutism that arises from altercations you may have.

All in all outside of a few control slip ups and some problems with the horse handling I give the game a 10 outta 10. There is really nothing that aggravated me to the point I considered dropping the score.


are you serious? this game has been the biggest disappointment considering how good RDR1 is.

the story is slow, the controls are fucked up, you constantly have to micro manage (oh shit my horse needs brushing again yay how fun), dead eye seems overly limited.

the horse recall is stupid beyond belief. go somewhere without it and you risk not being able to recall it. what’s the point of that, just have it respawn outside of camera like literally every other game with this kind of mechanic. and why is the weapons unequipped every time you mount your horse. wth is up with that. what’s the point of having to reselect your stuff every 5 minutes.

and then there’s the really shit stuff. people are allowed to shoot you but as soon as you try to defend yourself WANTED FOR MURDER. how fun…
I hunted the legendary wolf at one point, killed it, put it on horse, got a hint to take it to the trapper. while on the way I cross a little stream and the wolf fucking falls off and is lost forever. great.

but today hit the cake. I wanted to show a friend something in game and loaded it up. waited for five minutes with nothing happening. turns off console, turns on console. 14 FUCKING MINUTES OF LOADING YO. couldn’t be fucked to wait anymore at that point.

my take away from this is that the game is literally a broken mess which even if working correctly I’d hardly consider a fun game. all the reviews must’ve been paid for cus this is no where near a 10/10. not even a 9 or 8 either.

wouldn’t recommend to anyone beside mortal enemies.


I am serious, I find that having a slow story is not bad especially since things really pick up by Chapter Three. It is a Western if you think things were gonna be exploding every five seconds then you clearly are out of your element. Like I said there are no strict penalties for neglecting this sort of stuff Brushing your horse only take like five seconds and only incurs an 25 percent decrease in health regeneration for your horse.

Well make sure your horse is close by at all times after all. Your horse is a responsibility, take pride in your horse. But holstering was something that I still don’t like you are right there.

You don’t have to fight. Besides where is the fun if the cops just show up and arrest the criminals, this game is about actions and consequences, You have to deal with it.

All lost materials are instantly sent to the trapper if lost or missed out on I think. I have to start hunting still trying to catch the legendary fish.

Never had a problem with load times, you are on your own there.

I still think this is a massively rewarding game that has a few minor detractions but is still richly detailed and immensely satisfying.


glad you enjoyed it mate. I’m just so upset that I have to vent my frustration.


I’m loving it, I play ca 10 hours each day, today I spend 9 out of 12 hours trying to kill a panther, I finally managed to kill one 3 stars panther so I could upgrade my satchel, tomorrow I have to hunt for a 3 star wolf, a cougar and a deer, I have just started chapter 3, but usally I have no time doing story mission, too many strangers who need assistance, I spend a great amount of the time going fishing and hunting and just riding around and exploring the map, I have 2 treasure maps and also a map from a killer, found the second map today, so I will find him eventually.

So it’s safe to say I’m not dissapointed :blush:.


No problem, there are problems I am not a blind idiot. But if a game like this that has so many details, wonderful characters and great writing I am willing to overlook those inconveniences. I took me a while to get the hang of shooting, it used to annoy me when I couldn’t zap my horse to me from the nether and the story does take a while to pick up.


Oh yeah I found the sick fiend. SPOILER: As a GTA fan I was pleasantly surprised at this little Easter egg. One of two GTA references I think


I don’t typically write my review until I complete it 100% but all I have to go is animals and I doubt that will affect my opinion on the media, (if it somehow does; I’ll add an edit note).

Main Story

It was okay, not great but okay. Firstly I’ll state that it is really hard to write a prequel with short, tense, cliffhanging plot events. I start a new game knowing the ending, the only decision I can’t guess is if it will turn out to RDR1 for fan service or allow you to carry on for ease of gameplay (I’ll get to that). Anyways, the buildup of the story was way too slow, introducing the player into what I can only assume was a huge event was not a great design choice. There are mentions of the gang members killed during the event and how it slowly affects the mentality and decisions Dutch and the crew do throughout the whole game.

I would have hoped you start during the event at Blackwater so you can understand clearly while having a high adrenaline-filled gameplay sequence as the player’s first tutorial (similar to Michael, Trevor, Franklin and Lamar in GTA tutorial). With only talks, the player only knows it was a huge deal that costed lives of their friends for we can assume, a high amount of cash that drives the whole story of them on the run. But we don’t get to see that part. It makes me feel that I’ve entered a movie a little late and missed the start of it.

Chapter 2 to Chapter 5, I was actually falling asleep, nothing was gripping other than a wild west (or east) of cat and mouse with the Pinkertons. With the addition of knowing who lives and dies/leaves from the characters of RDR1, I’m simply not surprised. Example as follows:

Jack Marston gets kidnapped and we have to hunt him down. a lot of drama is going on but it is not affecting me because I know he is alive (RDR1).

It’s these parts of the game that I cannot even care for, in addition of the boring dialog every horse ride (we’ll get to transport), that I could not play longer than a few missions at a time as I felt it drag on through this “catch me if you can” saga.

The best part was Sean getting his head blown off once the Grays found you lot out, this was good addition. The plan of twisting two families only to have them both against you was cool.

Sadie was an excellent example of character buildup and development and wished they did that with the others.

Chapter 5 onward, it picks up a lot, to the point I feel Rockstar panic that they’re running out of budget and rush the ending. The rush of basically all the plot point and tying loose ends up quickly. The decision from Dutch doesn’t make sense, he didn’t speak or stick around to John to discuss anything, just run and gun, it was a weird way of exiting what should be a front character.


Slightly stiff but not to much of a biggie. The attention to detail is hands down the best part of the game, think of something, you can most likely do it. Tackling someone over the water allows you to drown the person, it’s really good attention. Vitals can trigger an animation of them holding their organs as they bleed to death, fire spreads around areas like far cry and is a great way to stop people chasing you. There is a lot of climbing animations to allow to traverse easier without relying on the same thing again and again.

When playing the story, you just ride a horse from A to B. I’m staring at an horse’s arse and balls for hours on end throughout the game. It gives you fast travel, providing you are in you camp (and bought it) or don’t have a bounty and use the stagecoach. Can’t do that in missions though because there’s always someone to follow and have a boring conversation.

Rockstar have applied the rules of the environment from GTA without thinking about the distance in term of transport. GTA allows us to travel air sea and land, and all different speeds but all horses are slow as hell in compared to the scale of the map. With no radio or music to listen to, it’s such a boring drag to travel in this game.

The random events and strangers are the best thing in this game for me. Always someone new to understand and get involved with. The amount and variety of random events, locations to explore is a huge plus in my book.

This ^.

It is broken in my experience along with the bandana, I cannot have the weapon I want when I leave the horse, not to mention custom outfits are annoying to create or edit/equip. The bounty system does not work, I get seen through my mask or balaclava. Can’t wait for Online where it’ll be ten times worse.


Mud, water and snow effects are brilliant. Cannot fault anything on this, you fall down on your side in the mud, that side is muddy. Really cool.

Worst decision

JOHN MARSTON CANT SWIM. IT RUINS YOUR GAMEPLAY. Especially when I’m used to swimming throughout the whole campaign. Hands down 1 of 3 of the most stupid things they have done in RDR2. I understand why for continuity but it ruins game play.



I swear he’s based off Uncle Albert from Only Fools and Horses.

It’s a little overkill but you can tone it down, the more you increase your stats. And limited how? It runs out quick? I use dead eye just to instant reload.

They have seemed to dumped player heuristics for realism.

What are you playing on? Yet to load up longer than 3 mins.


My only problem with the narrative was Guarma, I get that that revolt was already underway and it is a small island but they really could have explored the exploitation of the workers better. But I do applaud how subtly Rockstar hints at Guarma and how they do show some impact of the events.

Jack being kidnapped I liked since it helps show John’s progression as a character and leads to some good moments like Jack talking about spaghetti and calling him Papa Bronte.

I agree with you on Sean and the whole Rhodes plot, I also felt something when Hosea and Lenny die, especially since RDR2 has the best drunk moment since Kaer Morhen and I like Hosea he was a charming man. I will always press square for Lemmy.

I had no problems with how the story started to be honest I don’t need an explosive beginning to my story besides I already know how the ferry job went down since they discuss it in RDR. I think it was more important to set up Dutch, the gang and the predicament they are in since THAT is what drives the story in the end. I thing the game is about choices and decisions.

I also like killing off your character by giving him TB. I never expected Arthur to get sick to be honest.

Besides I think it makes it up by showing Dutch more. RDR biggest sin was not giving him more screen time. I felt that while the West Elizabeth chapter is good it was too rushed but to me RDR2 is better if slightly unevenly paced. It also has some of the problems a prequel has but I think the characters are all round well developed it just takes more effort to see the development.

I also enjoyed the horse dialogue as much as I do the camp side dialogues. Although I do have to give it to the camp dialogue. The conversation Bill and Uncle have on Australia is gold and it gets worked into the story.

Yep I love the strangers and random events. Meeting Marco Dragic and Charles Chauternay and the rest. The old strangers had two endings fuck you it was all for nothing or they are dead or have died.

Also I fell as thought the Irish and Native American characters are better developed and written this time around. With them playing larger rolls in the story.


whenever I’m in combat I feel like I have to be overly conservative with the dead eye usage. so yes, it runs out quickly and I have to break the flow of the combat to find a safe place to pop a bottle of whatever refills it. this is only 4 chapters in so that may be a reason. I dunno, it just never seemed like such a scarce ability in rdr1.

pretty much I don’t doubt you any second but I laughed out loud when you said John can’t swim. what a fucking silly decision that does nothing but hurt player enjoyment. the game seems to be full of them. feel the same about only being allowed a snail paced crawl within camps.

I’m playing on PS4. a launch one. this hasn’t happened to me before today. I don’t really feel like trying to reinstall it since that would take me approx. two days lol. I’ll see about it tomorrow.