Red Dead Redemption 2 (October 26 2018)


I killed 4 in this area, one by using bait, the three others when I was just rinding my horse back and forth and forced them to spawn and forced them to attack me while I was on my horse.


One spawned in this area when I was riding around and killed dear for food, it was the second time I have been attacked by a cougar along this river, so it’s worth a shot to try there as well:

Start riding above the picture of the fox and all the way down to the end of river text, turn around and ride back up, rinse and repeat :grinning:.

It took me two real life days to kill all 5 cougars, almost a week in-game, so bring warm clothing with you just in case, I used the Grizzlies Outlaw outfit since it is suitable for average temperatures.

You will find elk in the same area as the cougars.

That wild Arabian horse is up north, bring the winter gunslinger oufit with you, because it’s cold and snowy up there, you will find it here somewhere:

I like my silver gray Nokota and I will stick with her :smiley:.


Thank you very much! :grinning:
I need to find me some elk pelt and that white arabian(?) horse as well so that area is on my to-do list.


Hm… this trinket wasn’t that good as I thought, I’m not sure it was worth all the work put into the Master Hunter Challenge and the weird part, it dosen’t show up under perks in the Arthur general menu :thinking:.




What are the odds?! :smile:


Guys, I have a problem, suddenly I discovered this odd thing in front of my gunbelt buckle, I have no idea what it is or where it came from and I can’t hide it, because I can’t find it under Talismans or Trinkets.

I loaded a earlier save, before I finished Arcadia for Amateurs IV, The Smell of the Grease Paint II, Herbalist level 4, The Poisonous Trail Treasure and with that completed the Explorer Challenge and before I went to see Black Belle and this thing was not there, so I think one of these things have unlocked this:

This pretty much ruined the game for me, I don’t want it, but there is no way that I know of to hide this thing, I was looking forward to do the Bandit Challenge, because the bandit gun belt have a cool looking belt buckle, but that dosen’t matter when this odd thing is blocking the view :cry:.


It is the Bear Claw Talisman which I haven’t even made yet, so something is wrong, I’m going to kill the legendary bear and make this talisman and see if I can hide it.


I made the Bear Claw Talisman and I now have the option to hide it :smiley:.


Did you get it as part of free content or something, and it auto-equipped after a certain level?


I don’t think so and I don’t hope so, it’s a ugly looking thing and I don’t want it showing :grimacing: :joy:, I bought the game after end pre-order, but since the pre-order versions was the versions only available during the launch weekend I “had” to buy the standard version with the pre-order bonus, but no war horse, no treause map, I got only extra consumables and in-game money.

It’s a craftable talisman in the game, so i don’t think it is a pre-order bonus talisman, I believe it is a glitch of some sort.


I don’t have the time to beat the game or to do story missions, I’m too busy free roaming, helping strangers, gather pelts for every outfit at the trapper, killing legendary animals, doing treasure hunts etc, etc and etc :joy:.


RDR2 is pretty lame all around…you’re just a criminal cowboy robbing people and whose only friend is a horse…I can’t find anything likable or interesting there. RDR2 has nothing on Hitman 2. Let me know when Arthur Morgan can start having awesome gadgets and starts doing things Silent Assassin with nobody but the main targets dead, never spotted, and no evidence left behind.

RDR2 has been insanely overhyped and overrated but in actual reality it’s just not a very good game.


Yeah, sadly access to Blackwater and New Austin is not open before the epilogue :cry:, I would love to go there now, I need owl feathers and from I understand it’s easier to find owls in New Austin.


Thanks, I think I know where it is, it’s where the pirate ship is?


You’re probably right. But,

Neither does Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher series, or Cristiano Ronaldo in FIFA. What are you getting at?


In hitman your a criminal bald guy that kills people and plays dress up… You can dress your opinions up any way you want. It is still an opinion mate.

On a techinal level though, Hitman has nothing on Red Dead 2. Maybe you like Hitman more and enjoy its more simple style. I know thats true for me. I enjoy the grounded experience and quick satisfaction I get from Hitman. But Red Dead is a masterpiece and first game to do alot of things. I look forward to more games implementing realism and logic in a fun way like Rockstar Did this time around.


There are games, and then there are interactive movies, and unfortunately for people like me, RDR2 falls under the latter. Don’t get me wrong, it excels in the things it does right: story, writing, world building, immersion, but it seems like R* has a difficult time balancing the immersion with the gameplay aspect. I don’t wanna be forced to walk through my camp, I don’t need to go through 5 animations to climb on my horse or pick my nose. We get it, it’s a living, breathing world but holy shit is the gameplay sluggish and tedious. Very unresponsive, too. There’s a noticeable delay when drawing my weapon, that’s if the game even registers the command. I’m so glad R* prioritized horse testicles over smooth controls.


But those are two different things entirely without much (if any) similarity.


You detractors seem to always bring up the horse balls, it is like you are obsessed over them, like bored in Nebraska obsessed. I mean I have absolutely no issues with the gameplay the way it is. It feels like it has weight and that it is deliberate.


The irony that flipping it back on me and accusing me of having repressed thoughts about testicles is the only argument you can make to defend your game. Not one valid point from my rant did you address.


No offence but doesn’t this on some level present a counter-argument to your issues. It is a western and a game with a sense of realism hence how gunplay is more weight and more impact to it.

The animations flawless and deserve all the focus they can get and let’s not forget that the original subjected ups to a animation whenever you were looting or skinning as well. And this only addresses YOUR problems and not the inherent value of the game in its story, writing, location design, lighting/cinematography, graphics and etcetera.

Also that uncalled for slam against my sex life comment is insulting. You could have left my post alone but no you had to act like a common churl.



It’s one fucking animation