Red Dead Redemption 2 (October 26 2018)


I can only show you the truth…not force you accept it…also hilarious you say I worship horse balls as if I’m the one playing this game for hours and hours of grinding or as if I’m the one hugging this game’s figurative balls. That’s called projecting one’s own behavior on others.


Straight after finishing I just loaded a save from chapter 3 and I’m just going to stay there , been doing all the stranger side missions I skipped on the first one , hunting to get the outfits from the trapper, and trying to get a high honour this time. I would have done the side missions the first time around but it didn’t feel right after [late game to end-game spoilers] I contracted a bad case of lumbego, I mean tuberculosis. Seemed weird to do anything other than the story missions from that point. Much prefer playing as Arthur to John, which I wasn’t expecting


[…] nothing you do matters for anything as everything plays out the same. […] RDR2 is for two kinds of people: a) people who love grinding for its own sake without reason or purpose […]

Ironically, the same thing can be said about Hitman. No matter how different you kill your target or go guns blazing through the whole level, the outcome and story doesn’t change (not even a little bit). Ok, you killed your target in the first playthrough with the fiber wire and now with a gun. What’s the purpose in that? To achieve level 20 mastery in every mission, you have to grind boring kills like “Kill your target with a headshot”, “Ok, now kill your target with a poison”, “Ok, now kill your target with a katana”, etc. Don’t get me wrong, I like Hitman, but it feels kinda hypocritical to point that out as a Hitman fan.

You also make your opinions seem it’s the only truth in this conversation, which makes me believe, that you are simply a troll. Having a different taste and opinion is one thing, hating on a game, just because it’s popular and not accepting any other opinions is another.


Sounds like your gripe is that the game glorifies outlaw life. Which is somewhat ironic considering the final chapters strive to do the exact opposite of that, showing how negatively the gangs actions, particularly the loan-sharking and blind worship of Dutch, have affected it’s members and the people around them.

Hitman 2 is a good game in it’s own right but you’re comparing apples and oranges. One is a social stealth/puzzle sandbox and the other is a narrative driven open world game, so your comparison is inherently flawed. I like both, but I cannot say one is ‘objectively’ better than the other. Red Dead Redemption 2 is however leagues ahead of Hitman in terms of story and character development. Hitman has never really had much of an interesting story anyway and anyone can see that the latest slideshow cutscenes between missions (stressing the lower budget) don’t even compare.

Your posts scream of someone whose knowledge of the game is based solely on watching Youtube clips and was triggered to see all the positive reviews, because every discerning video game critic should know the masterpiece ‘Hitman 2’ is the only 10/10 game around.



Finished the game. One of the most beautiful games of this generation. My head is full… It’s like I’m readed 5 books and watched 10 movies. I drop gaming in next few months.


Anyone has a screenshot of that agent 47 Easter egg?


That ending :sob: What an amazing story and gameplay Rockstar has made! I was never bored playing this, not once!
It’s gonna take some time getting used to not hear Arthur’s voice anymore…


I know that this may have been said more than enough times, but it’s a shame that it’s console exclusive right now. I get that take two are trying to get as much money as possible right now and then release the PC version, but it feels so wrong. It’s like when a mosquito bites you, the more you itch the spot the worse it gets, just like the more I watch about the game, the more patience I lose, which makes the existence of the game make me feel more incomplete. It also sucks that october 26th is my birthday, and it would be the perfect gift. Oh well.


I’ve been very slow on the story progress because I tend to try and do alot of the side quests and collectibles ”early” when play rockstar games.
However I finished the main story (epilogue 2 left) and the whole chapter 6 was by far my favourite part (so far)!

I’ve also come to love the randomness of this game, the stuff that ”just happens” while you’re out in the wild is awesome. The controlls still bug me but I’ve never liked the GTA-style 3rd person controls so that might just be a preference thing.

I made a few videos on random shit that both made me laugh and feel a bit frustrated at the same time :laughing:


Unless you mean November 26th, I believe the game would be released for PC before your birthday.



It’s really fucking annoying how every video like this there’s big red arrows in the thumbnail pointing out shit that sometimes has nothing to do with the video.


I pre ordered RDR2 (and got it one day later) but since Hitman 2 got released, I’ve been so abandoning this game. A good friend of mine writes me every day that I should continue playing. I feel so guilty.


I haven’t played since hitman 2 came out. I was at the end of chap 4. I’ll get back on prob after christmas


Yeah I’m the same. I was kinda gutted when I knew they were releasing close together! I need to get back into it!


Finally. Haven’t laughed so much in a long time.


Online Beta starts tomorrow. :+1::+1:


I say and say again I am no fan of online multiplayer games. Never played a battle Royal.

I am curious to see how the public likes a silent battle royal with bows and knives.

Looks like they have special areas for PVP otherwise it looks like that ability to roam the map with others.
Cool I guess.


The online beta is even worse than GTAO! “BUT HORSE TESTICLES!”
Another online game filled with foul mouthed 10 year olds with their parents credit cards. I knew this was gonna be trash. Enjoy!