Redeeming problem (redeem.exe)



I bought HITMAN STEELBOOK EDITION, but i can’t get Steam key. It require inserting 1st DVD inside DVD drive. But I don’t actually have a DVD drive. So how can I play this game? Can Square Enix support help me since supporting this game is over (

Or maybe someone can provide ISO or files required for redeeming key?



Goto Steam Menu --> Games --> Activate a product with code

Type your code, then you’ll be able to download the game.



That’s why I never understood the lack of DVD drives in modern PCs…



I can’t, because I have no Steam key. Only key for redeeming via DVD. Instruction inside said:

  • insert 1st DVD
  • launch redeem.exe
  • insert key from the DVD box in it
  • get Steam key

But I can’t do it, because I don’t have a DVD drive.



I have a solution for you.
Buy or lend a usb DVD-drive and you’ll be fine

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Then you have no choice but buy/rent a DVD drive :confused:

You can also find a DVD to plug via USB for not too expensive price (10-15$).

Also, be warned that the redeem inside the DVD is broken, so even when you’ll get the DVD, remember to download the Redeem Fix here:

Good luck Agent :wink:



Unnecessary space blocking.
Who even uses DVDs anymore?
Why even buy a game DVD when you don’t have a DVD drive?

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In my look DVD-drive is a necessary thing.
You never know what might happen.
What if you happen to be in a situation like this? How to install drivers?
What if you reinstalled Windows but your motherboard does not support buit-in lan driver? Or it is corrupted. How will you go online to download all necessary drivers and programms?
There is many situations when you happen to be in need of DVD-drive. It should be present, just like a toothbrush

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Analogy with toothbrush is wrong.
You can compare DVD drive with condom.
You need both when you fuck up.



A little editing and that would make a weird fucking haiku :joy:



Thanks for helping! I’ve solved the problem by writing to supports.

I wrote to both: Square Enix ([email protected]) and [email protected] ( The second one was faster, they answered in about half an hour. They sent me a key for Steam instead of the CD key.