[Release] Appearance + Weapon skins v1.2

So I found the Glacier Tex Editor on an old USB device and had some fun with it. Just in case someone decides to start another playthrough of H2, here’s an Agent 17 suit (No sunglasses since I don’t know how to edit and replace models) and a fixed barcode with ‘numbers’ (actually they are just some pixels like in C47).



Oh wow man nice work.
Glacier Tex editor will come in handy.

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Just a small update:

Merged skin-, barcode- and eye texture of Contracts with the SA model of 47. This should result in a more detailed and natural looking 47 without looking too much out of place.

Modified vs. Original

Modified vs. Original


So here’s my last update I think.

Merged 47’s texture completely with that one from Contracts. This should result in a much more cleaner and detailed texture. The suit gets a bit greyish in direct lighting so maybe it’s possible that I fix that in the future but overall this should be an improvement without interfering too much with SA’s art style.

Added an alternative ‘Blood Money’/Loading Screen-suit.

A small texture fix for the ballers so they look less ‘white’. As you can see I’ve also changed the ‘IOI’ logo to the real life ‘AMT’ logo but It’s not in the update now since I’m not sure if it is legal to publish. Maybe someone can clarifiy how real life logos get handled in non-commercial mods?

Last but not least I created this beauty here. The ‘Blackballer’ also known as ‘The weapon IO don’t want us to have’. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I couldn’t left my fingers from the textures. So I’m already working on an update v1.3 which will bring some more improvements with it.

Remade the ‘Blood Money’-Tie completely from scratch and edited again some suit details (pin stripes etc.):

Edited the W2000 texture since I alwas preferred the brown wood from C47 & Contracts. Notice how unnatural bright the wood of the original texture is in comparison:

More realistic colours for both the Dragunov and the shotgun:

Last but not least, I’ve remade the uniforms of the russian soldiers. More detailed texture, a bit darker uniform colour and ‘snow details’ like in Contracts:

Just a preview since I’m still tweaking some more weapon textures at the moment. It will take some days before I can release the new update. After the release I will update my ‘Hitman: Contracts’ textures too.


Download Link seems to be down, any chance for a re-upload?

Possibly Dropbox or Google Drive.

Looks awesome, I really like the black ballers. Great job!

can you update the download link it’s broken
thank you ^^

I know this is a bit of a bump, but I too would really appreciate a re-upload! These texture mods are fantastic…

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I’m proud of you. You got every detail right. Logo is a nice touch on the grips.
How can I use this skin?

Same thing here, would love to download this but the link doesn’t work