[Release] Blood Money suit + Better barcode

So here’s the next stuff I created for you. Since ‘Hitman: Contracts’ takes place in the same timeline as ‘Hitman: Blood Money’ it would make sense if he wears the same type of suit in both games. So here it is, the ‘Blood Money suit’:

Also I noticed that his barcode looks kinda too pale in Contracts so I made it a bit darker. Looks and fits better IMO.

Install instructions are like always in the archive.



If we are fair, many artworks in all the games feature 47 wearing the pin stripe shirt with the scarlet tie with gold bands but it wasn’t until BM when the graphics were better to actually implement them in the game.


That’s true. The stripes of the tie get a bit pixelated if you look closer for example. The texture itself is just very small for today’s (or even Blood Money) standards.

Tried my best but in case someone don’t like the suit, there’s also a ‘normal suit + better barcode’ in the archive.


It looks good. Gotta work with what’s avaible and ended neat.:bear::slight_smile: