[RELEASE] Freelancer Variations

Now it’s buggy again for me, damn :smile:

Yes illusion be cool
I pretty hate day with rangan lol

Has Night Mumbai been broken since the last game update? Can anyone else check?

EDIT: Nevermind, a side effect of putting in all The Brothers files in is it makes night Mumbai not work for some reason :confused:


Probably makes more sense to ask it here

To those who use FV:

Would you want Freeform Training added to Freelancer, even though it’s still a plywood mockup and that makes no sense
  • Yes
  • No

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i think it could be fun! could pretend that 47 is infiltrating ICA grounds during someone else’s training program to kill some corrupted stand in actors XD

…that being said, it could get repetitive fast because they are very small maps with not much difficulty, and many challenges would become easy (sniper) or impossible (theres no cameras on these maps right?)

Pls, who do you think you’re talking to here. AHBOS didn’t have any cameras but I took care of that. And any new location that’s added must share a slot with an existing Freelancer map, so sometimes the other map would come up anyway, unless you deselect that map.

The fake yacht would at least be placed in a real map, like Miami or something


Honestly I think that since in ICA Facility Yacht level is just a training, it also can work as filming set within some movie studio. I does makes sense to exist at least in my head. Maybe adding a movie crew with some cameras could work to sell the illusion?

By the way I have a pretty weird idea regarding possible Haven Island variant.
I was thinking about possibility of porting over The Politician ET from Hawkes Bay into Tyson Williams villa with unique route for both her and her body double with villa guards reskinned into CICADA guards.

If Atampy ever adds in a certain feature to SMF that they’ve so far resisted, I could put the actual The Politician map in Freelancer :thinking:


Hmm, what is that certain feature and how could it influence future modding of the game?

Its possible to add Romania to FV?
Be very cool

In fact it’d be freezing. :cold_face:


As for adding Romania to FV…

Why? Because that’d be a terrible idea. How would that even work for either takedowns and showdowns? Forget about being an alerted territory. Where would suspects/syndicate members escape to? Where would 47 Exit? Would he have to make it all the way to the front train car?

Edit: Not to completely dismiss your… idea(?). But for anything related to Freelancer to work on “the train level” would mean it’d need an extensive overhaul and adding things not even in the original mission. You’d have to have all the cars connecting and traversable by all NPCs. It’d be way too much work, and even if it could be done, or was done - it’d still be a terrible level to play on for FL.