[Release] Hitman: Contracts - Unofficial Patch


I’ve started a new playthrough recently and it kinda bugs me that I always have to modifiy some things (disable intros, modify the .ini, fix the savegame bug for the steam version, …) before I start a new game. This patch should solve all of these problems:

Hitman: Contracts - Unofficial Patch v1.0


  • Corrected clothbundles (disguises on the ground) for various outfits
  • Fixed the disguise of the Blue Lotus Negotiator in “The Seafood Massacre”
  • Fixed visor transparency for the SWAT team in “Deadly Cargo”
  • Savegame fix for the Steam version of Hitman: Contracts

General improvements:

  • Deactivated all intro logos besides the intro of Hitman: Contracts
  • Optimization of various textures
  • Slight color tweak of the Desert Eagle (less yellow)
  • Removal of red color on top of the Silverballer
  • Cover/Loading screen suit and matching clothbundle for 47


(Top/Right: Unofficial Patch, Bottom/Left: Original)

First screenshot: Sharpened and improved texture of 47 (Notice the both sharpened barcode and the buttons on his jacket)

Second screenshot: Shows the texture optimizations. Some of the character textures were kinda blurred so I’ve sharpened them very carefully.

Third screenshot: Fix for the visor of the SWAT teams in Rotterdam



Next version. The patch now comes with a simple installer.

Hitman: Contracts - Unofficial Patch v1.1


  • Added the missing wristband to the left arm of the barkeeper in “Rendezvous in Rotterdam”
  • Complete texture rework of “BikerMember_02a” (Wrong texture format etc. …)
  • Removed a white line under the logo in the main menu

General improvements:

  • Created an installer for “Unofficial Patch v1.1”
  • Slightly darker color of blood pools and a better texture for blood on the walls from HC resources
  • Unblurred a wall texture used in “Beldingford Manor”
  • Optimization of some more character textures
  • Removal of some unused files of the patch




Nice! Will try it soon


New version.

Hitman: Contracts - Unofficial Patch v1.2


  • Conference sign in “Traditions of the Trade” reads now “UN” instead of “UF” (Consistency fix since Diana says “UN”)
  • Briefing description & details in “Traditions of the Trade” now say “UN” instead of “UF” (Same as above)
  • Fixed incorrect nude mesh of “Prospect_01a” in “Rendezvous in Rotterdam”
  • Fixed wrong eyecolor the SWAT team members in “Deadly Cargo”
  • DX8 -> DX9 (Fixes slowdowns, some effects and some LOD based issues)

General improvements:

  • Reverted 47’s suit back to the original version (slightly improved)
  • Created a new clothbundle for 47’s suit
  • Restored EAX features
  • Disabled mouse acceleration
  • Some additional .ini tweaks
  • Added my own 100% completed savefile for people that just want to play of specific mission (as requested)



Can i kiss ya m8? Amazing job! :heart:



This is great, thanks for doing this.

Is there a way to get the water effects from OpenGL in the D3D renderer? OpenGL breaks other aspects, but the water effects are missing on D3D.



@iSsueS Awesome mate, your unofficial patch works great ! :smiley:


Hello, somehow after I tried to install this, the game crashes on startup? No idea whats the problem. I have the steam version.


Here’s a bug in Meat King’s Party. If you swap the disguise of the sleeping guard upstairs, it will just disappear.

I’ve tried this with other guard disguises of that same type and they don’t disappear, only his seems to.


Are you have IOI’s permission?


Permission for what?


Modifying the game.

(20 chahr bullshit)


He’s literally fixing a 2004 game, you think IOI care anymore?


He bought the game, he should have all right to modify it. And the patch only works for those who have a copy of the game themselves.

It is only a recent phenomena of the industry to stop people doing that. It seems IOI did not join that yet. Which is damn good.


You don’t need permission to mod a game


I didn’t know that, so everything is OK.