Remake of Hitman: Blood Money with Glacier engine

Should IOI make a full remake of Hitman: Blood Money? I’ve seen others talk about this, but it would be much better if people could present this idea to IO, because the Glacier engine isn’t available to the public. The studio talked about about remaking some levels from older games in the Expansion Pack for HITMAN 2, or a DLC, and it may feature a level from Blood Money, but a full remake would be cool.

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BM’s levels aren’t consistently good enough to warrant a full remake. hence why people pick out certain levels like A New Life


That would be really cool …


Is that true? I can’t belive it.

Whoever did that Red Dragon poster did a fine ass job. That shit would get me so hyped if IO posted it on twitter or if it popped up in-game. Too badass


Thanks. :slight_smile: I’m actually a Marketing man in my day job. Hype is my stock in trade! :slight_smile:

That said, it’s easy to build hype out of the imagination. :slight_smile: It’s more involved when you have to see and hear first what can actually be made. Hahaha.

@a247534073 unfortunately this Red Dragon thing isn’t real. I just made it up. But it’s nice to imagine. :slight_smile:

Actually BM was the FIRST Hitman game where I genuinely felt every mission being consistently impressive. C47, SA and Contracts had levels that were either complete stinkers or just really dry.


Death of a Showman
Death on the Mississippi
Till Death do us Part
Amendment XXV



There was still cool and interesting stuff to do in those levels though, places to explore, ways to kill your targets.

Showman and Curtains Down are the only two exceptions I reckon. Those two are STINKERS

I get why people might hate Death of a Showman or Death on the Mississippi, but what’s wrong with TDduP and AXXV? I find those two excellent missions with a very unique setting.

Death of a Showman was a tutorial mission and Hitman games prior to 2016 always had bland tutorial missions and I thought it was alright but definitely too restrictive.

The remaining 3 missions I enjoyed.

This isn’t the ‘Objectively Incorrect Opinions’ thread y’know :stuck_out_tongue: The only truly bad mission in BM is Showman I agree, but every other mission in that game are excellently made and very fun to play too

What?! The Freeform and Final Test mop the floor with DoaS and then the Tests clean their car with “Death” like it is a ShamWow!

Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitch, Curtains Down is a restricting piece of bullshit, targets barely move around and the place isn’t even fun to explore

that shit is too wack


What? It has the best kills in the game, the Tosca proxy kill, the chandelier kill, The light rig and the concerto masking kill.


Did you miss the part where I said “Hitman games prior to 2016 always had bland tutorial missions”? I implied that the tutorial missions in S1 are great.

No I misread sorry about that.:grinning:

Sure, but those are all very boring and very step-by-step. There’s not much that can go wrong in that level and there’s barely any freedom outside of those methods to do what you want. It suffers from the same issues that plague Bangkok.

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I am so glad I’m not alone, I really thought I was the only one who didn’t love Curtains Down. I still like it but it’s on the weaker end of BM for me.

Do you want to kill the target with the gun, by proxy with the gun or shooting at the same time as the gun? And the other guy is pretty much required to be killed by the chandelier every time. It loses its luster quick.


Curtains Down is fun the first couple of times, and it has an immediate appeal so I can see how people love it on their first or second playthrough, or if they’re a casual fan that plays it like once every 5 years.

But for a game as fun to replay as Blood Money, this mission is one of the least fun to replay.