Remake of Hitman: Blood Money with Glacier engine

i find both of them just Boring and especially XXV was disappointing with “climax“ Albino Battle. After playing it once i always blew him up, so i dont have to see this awkward Confronting Cutscene again.
Also the Targets in both Mission are very forgettable and i still dont know how to feel about killing a mentally retarded Man.


I don’t think he was mentally disabled, I think Pappy was just really paranoid.

i was talking about the Groom, Hank “Buddy“ Leitch or whatever his name is. listen to his Dialogues and you see what i mean :grin:

I don’t remember Hank being that mentally challenged. But then again if you can actually give a description of a target from BM that is not single words then you are really attentive. Usually for Buddy the words are: Southern and Kissing Cousin.

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What kind of thread is this? I’m not trying to be unnecessarily hostile here but it seems to me like you’re feigning idiocy for the sole purpose of trolling.

Every single Hitman game from Codename 47 to Blood Money were all made with the Glacier Engine. C47, SA, Contracts, BM, all of them. Now, i know you’re obviously referring to Glacier II, the engine that Absolution and Hitman 2016 were built on, but do some basic research before making amazing threads like this, alright?

Let’s just imagine the opera from Blood Money (Curtains Down) as big as the map Paris (the showstopper) in hitman 2016. As detailled as 2016, with bigger rooms, more opportunities, the main opera room HUGE size, like a real one. Maybe full audience in seats, reporters, … a bar lounge, bigger toilets kind of luxuary.

Let’s just imagine A New Life mission from Blood Money, as big as Whittleton Creek (Another life), but with only some big villa with giant pool, and inside pool, somehing giant and great, and the Pet Clinic better than just an opened garage a a little backroom.

I can talk about all maps from blood money, they can be rework, with size of new hitman’s maps, it could be really really amazing, and lot of fans will buy the game i’m sure.

I think making Levels bigger just because they can is a bad idea. It would feel like empty space or a completely different level. If they did remake blood money, not much would need to be changed IMO. None of the levels are too small. Just a new coat of paint would be nice