Remaking Absolution levels in Contracts Mode

Earlier today when i was playing Santa Fortuna. I realized how similar Rico’s modern mansion was to the first level in Absolution. I then thought about making a contract remake of that Absolution level with Catalina Delgado replacing Diana.
Contract code = 1-12-3973377-62
contract name = Absolution Remake - A Personal Contract
Any way i thought this would be a fun thing for the forum to try and do together to create contracts in Hitman 2 that sort of reflect or are similar to the missions of Absolution. Like maybe king of chinatown in Marrakesh or Mumbai or whatever ur heart desires it’s really up to you


Cool idea.

I had something similar in mind for Hitman: Codename 47.

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I love this idea! I also think it would be cool to remake some of the Blood Money levels too (Whittleton Creek being a homage to one of them gives a great opportunity for this)

@TheABCsOfHitman, could you post the details (maybe with screenshots) of the contract and i could recreate it for PS4.

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It’s an easy one to remake. Just make Catalina Delgado the singular target.
This is the description = For years, Diana was my sole handler at the Agency. She supplied information and secrecy, and I sold perfection. We had trust. Then last August 10, Diana brought the Agency to its knees. She flushed all accounts, cut off all communication lines, exposed the Agency and used the confusion to vanish. Now the reformed Agency has finally tracked her down. And offered me the contract. One day, I will think of this as just another job. After all, this is what I do.
kit= Abso Suit,Silverballer,Fibre

Extra qualifications you can add: Dont change out of starting suit, no pacifications, dont get seen, But these are up to you i only added them for some challenge

Dang i thought i had a unqiue idea. I Also had an idea to try and remake those creepy cgi pics from the old games in Hitman 2: For example



Re: Absolution levels.

While I was thinking of this myself, I figure why not try and keep it consistent across platforms. Mission text, targets, and any optional or required complications. Kill method and Disguise should be kept as Any to keep flexibility.

While “A Personal Contract” was the tutorial level, there is nothing wrong with giving it a bit of a challenge. As long as they aren’t required to complete it, it can be a worthy adaptation.

I’ll get to work on it and post the PS4 Contract code when it’s done.

While Marrakesh or Mumbai could be a viable “The King to Chinatown” level, the trick is to find a suitable target to be “The King”, ideally it would be the same level where 3 targets could later be used as the three assassins hunting 47 later in the story.

Marrakesh has the advantage as two levels exist. One in daytime, one at night. Which could switch that up a bit.

Those CGIs in the first game were creepy, especially The Setup.


Okay I have recreated the contract on PS4

Title: Absolution Remake - A Personal Contract
Contract ID: 2-12-1849388-09
Location: Santa Fortuna
Target: 1 (Catalina Delgado in place of Diana Burnwood)
Method: Any
Disguise: Any
Optional Complications: Do not get spotted; No disguise changes; No pacifications
Required Complications: None


Absolution Remake - King of Chinatown
I’ve decided to choose marrakesh as there is both a night and daytime variant reflecting the two stages chinatown has in Absolution. For the king i chose Ellissa. As she roams around the market area and even checks out food stores like the king. She is the blonde tourist wearing a bright aqua shirt fyi.
Pc contract number = 1-06-3154603-62
Birdie. Once the Agency’s top intelligence man. In order to protect the girl, I need him as my eyes and ears. But his services won’t come cheap. This man is a merchant. Quid pro quo. Everything comes with a price. To recruit him, I must first take out his business rival. Official contract or not, this ‘King of Chinatown’ has to die.
Kit = Absolution suit,silverballer, fibre wire
Options = fibre wire, poison, sniper

Extra optional objectives = suit only, no bodies found

Copy of the King of Chinatown Absolution Remake for PS4: 2-06-3560943-09

Followed the parameters above as outlined by @TheABCsOfHitman

Title: Absolution Remake - King of Chinatown
Contract ID: 2-06-3560943-09
Location: Marrakesh (A Gilded Cage)
Target: 1 (Elissa Sagris as the new King of Chinatown)
Method: Any
Disguise: Any
Optional Complications: No bodies found; No disguise changes.
Required Complications: None

Terminus poses a problem, since there is no target to eliminate. The Bangkok level would work for the level, but a lack of a target means it is hard to create. Any thoughts?

How about eliminating a female hotel staff? There’s a maid killed in Terminus, although not by 47. Or fiber-wiring the stalker, since 47 tried to do it on Sanchez, and he was alone in the room.


good ideas, either bangkok or the bank are my choices. With the bank you have that fat latin guy who walks around the building so he may be a good stand in for sanchez

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I like the verticality of Bangkok, which I feel best simulates 47’s trip up the Hotel in terminus. Certainly a maid, or the stalker (perhaps both) might serve to simulate the objective best. This could also mimic the escape sequence somewhat in the following levels…

I’ll give it a shot later today.

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Absolution Remake - Terminus

Contract has been created.

Birdie’s intel is never wrong.

A Midwestern arms manufacturer named Blake Dexter is in Chicago searching for Victoria. The Agency would never share their secrets with outsiders; someone else must have leaked the information. But who?

I can’t trust anyone. All I know is the girl is innocent. She doesn’t deserve this. I will infiltrate Blake Dexter’s suite at the Terminus Hotel and learn the truth myself. Then I shall decide on his fate.

Title: Absolution Remake - Terminus
Contract ID: 2-16-4737110-09
Location: Bangkok (The Source) [Night]
Target: 1 ( Frank Horrigan as Sanchez)
Method: Fibre Wire
Disguise: Any
Optional Complications: No recordings; Hide all bodies; No disguise changes.
Required Complications: Required exit. [To simulate the initial escape requirement for Run for your life.]

Copy of Terminus for PC

Title: Absolution Remake - Terminus
Contract ID: 1-16-0291756-22
Location: Bangkok (The Source) [Night]
Target: Frank Horrigan (as Sanchez)
Method: Fibre Wire
Disguise: Any
Optional Complications: No recordings; Hide all bodies; No disguise changes.
Required Complications: Required exit. (Basement exit)


Run For Your Life adds the same basic problem as Terminus, no defined target(s), with an added element of several segments (Burning Hotel, Abandoned Library, Pigeon Coop, Hippie Commune, Train Station) which make five different environments.

I’m thinking maybe using Colorado for this one, again narrowing down to a single exit.

Any thoughts on this?

I think the Isle of Sgail is good because there’s something similar like a library.

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Absolution Remake - Run For Your Life

Mission Briefing:
As a rule, I am transparent. Inconspicuous. Blending in with the shadows is how I operate. People don’t see. Not unless you draw their attention.

When they discover the maid’s body, how long before someone remembers? A man. A suit. A face? I have been reckless.

I underestimated the arms dealer and now I’m paying the price. I must get out… reach street level, keep a low profile, escape in the crowd. The police are closing in…

[Note: You will need the hand flare to summon your exit]

Title: Absolution Remake - Run For Your Life
Contract ID: 2-21-1473819-09
Location: The Isle of Sgail (The Ark Society)
Target: 3 (The Constant, William H. Gallo, Anthony S. Peoples as the Authority trying to catch 47.)
Method: Any (All 3)
Disguise: Any (All 3)
Optional Complications: No recordings; No disguise changes.
Required Complications: Required exit. [To simulate the need to summon the train to escape.]

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whats the required exit so i can make it for pc sorry?