Remastered Past Missions

If the devs announced they were going to recreate some of the classic hitman levels of the past, and release them as DLC somewhere down the line, which levels would you like to see?

Mine would be Curtains Down from Blood Money.


Gonna have to say Beldingford Manor and A New Life


Anything in russia. Would love a reason to use my winter suit


A New Life and Amendment XXV from Blood Money and Beldingford Manor(duh!!) from the legendary H3. And always Traditions of the Trade but with a more open environment than H3.

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All the FIVE FATHER mission

I’d prefer remaster\improvement of the old locations rather than missions. It would be cool to return to the Hong Kong, Romania, Russia. But what was the whole map in the old days, now can be only a part of the big city level.

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A hit in a Russian Consulate/something like that. It’s snowing outside, and it’s situated in a city :heart_eyes:

Beldingford Manor or Anathema but if I’m honest any from SA, contracts or Blood Money!

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I think we already have way too many threads for this topic.


I wouldn’t like any of the older missions remade, to be honest. HITMAN’s pacing isn’t right for any of them, expecially Beldingford Manor, and remaking them in HITMAN’s style would ruin them.

I feel some of Absolution’s missions could be redone, though. Maybe make them less linear.

Hitman: Legacy

Mission 1: Prologue
Training mission set in the asylum. You control 47 as a young man.

Mission 2: The King of Hong Kong
Remastered version of The Lee Hong Assassination

Mission 3: Cocaine Heart
Remastered version of Say Hello To My Little Friend

Mission 3: Brothers in Arms
Remastered version of Traditions of the Trade

Mission 4: Castle of Steel
Remastered version of Deadly Cargo

Mission 5: The Father
Remastered mix of The Setup and Meet Your Brother

Mission 6: Repentance
Remastered version of Anathema

Mission 7: Sniper in the Snow
Remastered mix of St Petersburg Stakeout and Kirov Park Meeting

Mission 8: Hostile Diplomacy
Remastered version of Invitation to a Party

Mission 9: Death before Dishonour
Remastered version of Shogun Showdown

Mission 10: Breaking and Entering
Remastered version of The Jacuzzi Job

Mission 11: Surgical Procedure
Remastered mix of The Death of Hannelore and Terminal Hospitality

Mission 12: The Brother
Remastered version of Redemption at Gontranno

Mission 13: The Slaughterhouse
Remastered version of The Meat Kings Party

Mission 14: Lord of the Manor
Remastered version of Beldingford Manor

Mission 15: Delgado Blues
Remastered version of A Vintage Year

Mission 16: Performance of the Century
Remastered version of Curtains Down

Mission 17: Clinic Cutthroat
Remastered version of Flatline

Mission 18: You Better Not Cry…
Remastered version of You Better Watch Out

Mission 19: Cutting The Wings
Remastered version of A Murder of Crows

Mission 20: A Crown of Glass
Remastered version of A House of Cards

Mission 21: The Devil’s Den
Remastered version of A Dance with the Devil

Mission 22: Oath To My Country
Remastered version of Amendment XXV

Mission 23: No Rest For The Wicked
Remastered version of Requiem


How come nobody ever mentions invitation to a party? that would go very well with the new hitman formula

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As I said in one of the other threads: Just give me all of them from the first four games (except the ones Contracts remade), combining levels where it makes sense to do so. As for Absolution, remaster the missions with hits, remake the good ones without hits and add in some hits (Terminus would be pretty cool), and combine levels where it makes sense. Imagine how Hitman would be with all these older locations and missions. It would truly be a world of assassination.


Alter Ego?

Well, my team and i are doing something similar.


I wanna see the world of iconic landslides. So sapienza with the changes of the bonus missions, and the 5 targets.


Tracking Hayamoto. I like the idea of this mission.

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Meet Your Brother / Asylum Aftermath

To me these are the most memorable missions. Creepy atmosphere, surreal setting, iconic moments, scenes and objects (the rubber duck’s debut!). Asylum Aftermath refined the ‘escape’ mission type in my opinion, challenged perhaps only by MGS3’s Spetsnaz mission. Requiem was nice but Asylum Aftermath just steals it right down to the Romanian Special Forces commander’s megaphone talk (which turns out to be clear lies if you tune into their comms!) The VA for those few lines was perfect. Combining these into a long, detailed mission in H2016 would be great but I’m fine with replaying them too :stuck_out_tongue:

Shogun Showdown could be pretty interesting. Wouldn’t mind taking on all those ceiling Ninjas again but with improved CQC. Bonus points if there’s a large outdoor area for the sniper fights, underground stealth and security deactivation just like the original :smiley:


Don’t wanna any remasters, any old missions etc. Old missions are in the past and wanna keep that way. I prefer new missions, new locations, new things.

This is a brilliant suggested list, I’d be a dream to see all of these amazing levels !