Renew the old games

It would be fun if we would have the old games just like Hitman silent assassin with better graphics so we could play it again more likely. please do so.

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I don’t need shiny Graphics to replay past games I love. But I understand why people would want to see a remake of sorts.


This was the best “Collection” release they’ve made.
Hopefully they can bring it back with an optimization for latest PC/Consoles :+1:


I’ll say the same thing every single time a post like this is made: just port them to current consoles. Simple. I don’t need a graphical tweak or “remastering” in any sense. Save that time and effort for newer installments.

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i would rather like to have the old maps fully remaked as origins dlc for hitman 2 or hitman 3. no need to remake all maps, just pick some of the best


Look at how they just shoved Wheels McBadguy into the corner. Shows how important he is in the game…

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lmao :smile:
Great Artwork tho!

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True talk, a remake of some of the best maps of Silent Assassin, Contracts and BM for hitman 2 as DLC make me dream :pray::blush:

Can’t forget the slaughterhouse with the fat guy, the Opera or the small map with just a house, a barbecue and a swimming pool :ok_hand: