Request that my thread be reopened

I’m hear voicing my grievance against another example of moderator abuse on this forum. I wrote a topic expressing my frustration at Hitman '16 and how nothing in the first mission makes any sense. A few replies tried to help me out, but then Jarbinger shows up and locks the thread because… why? It’s not in line with the forum guidelines? I actually read the forum guidelines and there’s nothing about my thread that violates them.

Did I create my thread to attack another member? No. Did I post anything obscene? No. Did I write anything irrelevant? No. At least some people who replied tried help me, which shows my thread actually serves a benefit. So why was my thread closed? Are you saying that users aren’t allowed to post ANYTHING critical about a game? Unless a clear-cut violation is cited, I’d like to request my thread be reopened.

Forgive me for posting this here. I would have liked to take this up with Jarbinger in private, but there doesn’t appear to be a PM system on this forum. Weird.

Click on the member’s name (you can also look them up in the search bar), the ‘message’ tab is green and clearly visible. Not sure how you could have missed it.


Er… there’s no message tab. I clicked on your name and this is what I see:

There’s nothing remotely green on this page. What mysterious ‘message tab’ are you talking about?

Instead of going to my profile, try just clicking my name once. Does a pop-up window show up?

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Just click any user name. You should see a pop-up window as shown below.



Oh, I see. The thing is, I wanted to open the message in a new tab, so I would always right-click a username instead of left-click. It’s still strange that the option to send PM’s is not available on the profile page. Anyway, I’ll try contacting Jarbinger in private. Watson old chap, can you close this thread now please?