Request to IOI: Let Us Preload the Legacy DLC

I’ve been wondering this ever since preordering and it this can’t be done I’ll understand but in Hitman 1 around the 9th of November we were able to boot up the game and redeem the legacy DLC for use in Hitman 2 on consoles. Now this was because the game came out for gold edition owners 4 days early but it would be great to do that again and let us download the game’s DLC before the game comes out to make the process of getting the entire game installed and playable before launch as easy as possible. Especially with the large file sizes of these maps it’d be super convenient because I’m planning to play through the whole trilogy at once when I first boot up part 3

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I think it will happen, preloading is almost staple now in the industry especially given a majority of consumers transition to digital purchases. I was able to preload HITMAN 2 Gold a week in advance with the Legacy Content too back in 2018 so I think we have nothing to worry about.


But do EpicStore have preload politics? :slight_smile:

Edit: briefly googling the subject seems they not allow preloads for games such as Borderlands 3, Control, Watch Dogs, Godfall, Death Stranding. So I don’t know. Seems very unlikely

Yes. Epic store has a preload function for a long time


Good then


It would also be cool if they let us transfer specific things instead of just dumping everything in your new inventory. More importantly, I hope we can transfer progress on the website a little bit before launch somehow, once the game boots I’m not spending time clicking buttons and possibly waiting for progress to transfer, I’m heading straight in.