Requests hitman 3

I want the old animations back i also want crime scenes, point shooting, better ai , i want the hitman 2016 difficulty modes , and i also want duel wield pistols, i want the old maps from hitman blood money, i also would like human shield, i also would like more weapons too that all i would like to see in the future of hitman 3

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So you essentially want a different game?

You got the money to make all this happen?

No idont have the money nor i dont want a different game a big update would be nice though but who knows what ioi is gonna do next

IOI has other priorities now like the James Bond game and the new fantasy IP. Hitman is on a hiatus for the time being.

there needs to be more hitman type games in the market, too bad they don’t have any competition.

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The slater which is and could be another good video game

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I wish when you fail a syndicate mission, they can hunt your safe house down and attack it (toggle feature).

Since we have to be online to play, why not be able to invade other people’s safe houses? We can use our Merces to buy defences and place them where we want, and the goal can be something such as merces from the vault or a weapon from the wall