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Hello, ive completed dubai - on top of the world and i have went to play death in the family but it states that this content requires an update. The content will automatically start downloading when im online.

My account is saying that im online and ive also logged in on the IOI account. I have restarted my PS5 in order to see if its a connection issue, but it stills comes up this message. Can anyone help me??

Seems you’re using a disc.
For disc owners, in order to get access to all the maps, it’s required to download A First Day Patch.
You need to initialize a download process. By checking updates for game, by verifying game files integrity, or any other way that will force a game update

Hi, yes i am playing the game via disc.

It downloaded an update when i first started the game and i have since switched it off. So i thought it had been updated.

Is there another way of accessing this patch, just incase it hasn’t downloaded correctly?

Seems there is not other way to get to it.
I assume it’s stored only on PS servers

Ok, could i delete all my data/content and restart it. With the hope that this would download another patch when i start the game again??

I think redownloading the game might work, I can’t tell you with confidence

So ive deleted the content and reinstalled. When i have come to play the game, it states that it is unable to connect to the server. Is this a known problem?

Is your internet connection okay?

Probably your internet connection or a PSN error code, I wasn’t able to properly play hitman 3 until a week after launch thanks to error code WS-116449-5

Yeah, i think so. Ive checked it on the PS5 and it says its online. I could try logging out then back in of the PSN and see if that kick starts it.

All you need to do is go to game Library then go to installed go to the game and click the little button with the three lines above it go in and make sure all languages are in stalled and it will work

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thank you so muchhhhh lol