Research Bank

Hi all, I thought it would be nice to have a thread where we could list our areas of expertise or specialist knowledge. Perhaps you work in an interesting industry, or maybe you are at school and study a cool topic, or maybe you have a degree in something super-interesting or unique? Hey, it could even just be a fun hobby that you are really into!

I think it could make for a useful resource for anybody looking to oh I dunno, do research for a story, or just an opportunity to learn something new by then starting a PM conversation with another member :blush:

So hey yo, whadda ya know? :grin:

The Bank:

doom-generation: Screenwriting, filmmaking.

SeanBernowicz: Essay writing, eidetic memory, filmmaking, history.

Jamy47: BSc Honours degree in Construction management, Senior Quantity Surveyor for a specialist interiors company.

Franz: Hitman :grin:.

Quinn: Sound Engineer.

GTAJJ: BSc Honours Degree in Games Development and Design. Works in marketing for GAME.

SpirantCrayon22: Materials research scientist, degree in chemistry, PhD in surface physics.

SilentWraith: History (Cold War) and Geography.

cakeblock941: Marketing department for a video game company.

CDQuestia88: Works at a Planetarium. Degree in History. Museum Studies.

ILikeGAMESish: BSc Nursing (Adult). Interested in Critical Care and Emergency Medicine. Published playwright. BA in Theatre and Performance.

TheConstant: Majored in Japanese and Korean Business Management. Minored in East Asian International Relations, Chinese Law, and North Korea Economics.

Accidental-kills98: BA in English and Creative Writing, History and Cultural Studies (Global Politics) and minoring in Sociology.

MaxKroon: Masters in early 20th Century History. Working as a managing recruitment consultant.

Yellow_ZR1: Translating Chinese documents into English, and hugely interested in cars and video games.


I guess I’ll start.

I have a degree in Screenwriting, which might be the stupidest thing to have a degree in because it does me absolutely no good :joy:

But I do know a thing or two about story writing, if I do say so myself :grin:

Add to that a passion for filmmaking. I’ve a little bit of experience in this, having worked on a couple of indie productions here in the UK.


Theatre Arts would like to have a word with you

I have been told by multiple teachers I am apparently “amazing at writing opinion essays”. Sure

I do have an eidetic memory, which I think is much more interesting.


No. I don’t believe it. You? BS!

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Well, since you mentioned story writing, I have written a few short stories myself. I may post them here one day, however quite a few need to be…translated

Sounds ominous. What are they in, Sanskrit?

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No lol. Most of them are in Polish and Russian. A few in French.

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Interesting thread, I have a BSc Honours degree in Construction management, working as a senior quantity surveyor for a specialist interiors company :sleeping::sleeping:

Always fancied entering the porn industry though…


See, I think that’s interesting!

If I’d have had a cup of tea to my lips reading this, I’d have just broken my work laptop.


I enjoy it mate tbh not everyone’s cup of tea!

Haha! we can all dream aye!

What’s your next move then, always on the lookout for more productions to work on?

Gimme-gimme-gimme, my memory’s absolute bollocks

I’d absolutely love to, yes. Being on set is hard work but it’s also so much fun.

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I know a lot about Hitman. I can give you info for your research if it’s about Hitman.


I’m a sound engineer. Hmu if you have any questions


BSc Honours Degree in Games Development and Design. Made a few projects here and there. Come great in understanding game logic and working out how things work when playing a game. And finding the flaws and how to fix them.

Same here (main reason how I blitzed the HD collection so fast). As a kid before I had the internet, I would read where every collectable would be in a library and then go home and get them all. Comes in very handy with remastered games too, I don’t need a guide as I already know. However I have found out that I cannot control what I want to remember, only if I (as in my brain) think it would be of interest to me. Always a clause…

What would be your porn name?


Johnny Reaper

20 characters


Why are the words “regular” and “purgatory” coming into my mind . . . could it be the direction this thread is going?! @JaM_47 - j’accuse!

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Materials research scientist, degree in chemistry, PhD in surface physics. Basically a chemist that can speak some physics, more than enough to annoy the physicists and be useful in my role.


I sure hope not. This thread could be a goldmine for research…