Resident Evil 2 - Remake


This is out today.

Just downloading and installing on PC since it actually got a midnight launch. Anyone else?



Yeah i’ve been playing it, what a game, scarier then i thought it would be, no ammo and no herbs, licker and tyrant after me. Hitman and Resident Evil are my favourite game series, so it’s been a good few months! :smiley: soundtrack swap is awesome



I played the 30 min timed demo on PS4 and it was fantastic. Playing on a 55” tv with the lights off and a headset full volume was a blast. Shit myself a couple of times. Lmao!!



Played a few hours so far, really good. It looks and plays amazingly well.

Kind of expected this after the demo though - It hasn’t scared me at all. I’m a bit of a horror veteran and whilst it has a tense atmosphere there’s nothing giving me apprehension or pause. I’ll happily walk down the darkest spookiest corridor without thinking twice.

Then again, I have yet to meet the Tyrant…



I’ve never played the series, so maybe I have no room to talk, but it looks good, I’ve heard good things about it. My only question is why was this game remade? Out of all the Resident Evil games, why this one, just purely out of complete curiosity. Again, I am not familiar with the series, so please forgive my ignorance.



The first one was also remade a few years ago if I am not mistaken



Definitely picking this up but I no longer get games on day one so It’ll be sometime next week.



I guess because RE1 was remade in 2002 (christ that long ago) and RE2 is considered by many to be the “best” game in the series, and it was just crying out for a remake with modern technology. I mean, it is nearly 21 years later so it is high time for a remake.

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Am I wrong? I tried to kill the tyrant with Magnum, Shotgun and Pistol, but he doesn’t die… so I restarted from the last checkpoint to get my Ammos back.



You can’t kill him, only stun him for 30 seconds or so. Best to save your ammo and run.

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I hope they remake 3 and Code Veronica, the original Resident Evil and 4 don’t need remakes, they’re perfect how they are and not long got a ps4 release, so i doubt they will



Code Veronica can eat shit but yes, remake RE3 like this. That’d be amazing.



Waiting for Switch release.
If none comes out… may get it for Steam if it’s that good.

@Quinn How does this remake compare to RE6?



Yeah but if it was a remake it would be better :smile:



I know what you guys are thinking, Blood money remake



Blows it out of the water because RE6 was a trainwreck. This is an actually good game.

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Hmmm… I will wait for gameplay vids.
(RE6 is my all-time fave. Hahaha).



Yes, I bought RE2 yesterday and I’m going to load it down. I’m very excited and looking forward to the game, btw the demo was very cool. As another good remake I could imagine Code Veronica, but the most intense and scary experience that I ever had with the RE-series was RE7 with VR , it’s my personally favorite.



Just in case you forgot this was a Resident Evil game:

Here’s Claire carrying a minigun twice the size of her fighting a giant mutated mad scientist while a self destruct timer counts down

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I’ve been playing RE(make)2 and I am conflicted.

It is undeniably a good survival horror game, but I’m not feeling all the near perfect scores. It is suspenseful, sure - but I’m not sure it’s actually fun.

One thing that has really lowered my enjoyment level is

Mr X. He is a real pain in the ass. Trying to solve a puzzle with him trudging around becomes a real slog. I was trying to move the bookcases around in the library with him stomping around and it took forever, because I had to lure him away, run back and move book case, lure him away, run back and move bookcase… He is a joke, all you have to do is find a desk or something and he will follow you in circles.

I am thinking I will finish the game as Leon then trade it in.

Unlike RE4, which I think is one of the best, most enjoyable and most replayable games ever made, RE(make)2 feels kinda’ dated and shabby.