Resident Evil 3 - Remake

NOTE Capcom Official’s hasn’t addressed details around this topic yet, but due to recent leaks on the PSN store courtesy of Sony the cover arts for Japanese and International releases of The Resident Evil 3 Remake has been leaked. Follow that images of Jill and The Nemesis Tyrant have been leaked too. I feel we will receive some news during The Game Awards surrounding the RE3 Remake and with that being said and done this thread will serve as discussion on the game and everything up until release

Please use spoiler tags when showing images, and or anything that could contain some form of spoiler for someone. Thanks.

Cover Arts

International Cover

Japanese “Uncensored” Cover

Leaky Leaks...spoilers...duh

Tyrant Tentacle

Jill Valentine


Not sure I like the new Jill Valentine. She looks like a combination of “Sniper Claire” and Moira Burton from RE: REVELATIONS 2. That’s not bad per se, but Jill used to be her own character visually.

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Jill looks great. Happy they’re coming out with this remake, playing through REmake 2 at the moment and having a lot of fun with it, a beautifully made game.

It’s a shame it got leaked, would’ve been hype for it to get revealed at the game awards as I assume was intended but I’m still excited nonetheless

If we don’t get “real” gameplay footage at the game awards reveal then we can probably look forward to it around December 21-22nd during the Jump Festa anime/manga event. Capcom has 2 mystery games that’ll be playable at the show, I’m guessing this could be one of those two.

I personally like it especially since the remakes at least try to do something different. People are surprisingly more open to the idea of having a different Jill face model that isn’t Julia Voth since she has been with the series since the RE1 remake. Though I do express curiosity for what Voth would look like in the RE Engine I respect Capcom’s decision on this. As for Carlos his new face seems to be ripped straight from Tekkin and essentially is a “reused asset”. I don’t mind the new Nemesis design since it is essential the “RE ENGINE” version of Nemesis similar to the redesign of Mr.X with slight differences that the hardcore audience would notice such as the nose, suit, and skin. I do reckon we would see Nemesis become more “exposed” as we progress through the game, but I’m not sure.

As for release it doesn’t seem far fetched to release the title next year since Capcom essentially has the assets from Resident Evil 2 Remake.

Could be a demo similar to RE2

Guess we’ll have to see how it works in motion.

I don’t like the new Nemesis. His mouth is just too cartoony. Hell, I think even Marvel vs. Capcom 3, a game with a comic book artstyle, had a better Nemesis.

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Not alot of people do, his tentacles are covered, he is wearing a form of test subject suit with caution tape all over it, he has a nose, and no pointy teeth… oh year not alot of staples and the skin.

Image of MVC Nemesis:

Hmm… you may be right.

Photoshop edit of the title image with Nemesis’ teeth shrunk down and his nose removed:

Adjusted Nemesis via Photoshop


Given the source material they have from both the original game and the last escape I wouldn’t be surprised is they explore The Nemesis’s backstory via cutscene and or documents do it could explain the reason for the nose. But hey one can assume.

Nemesis looks awful.


You gormless motherfuckers aren’t taking into account what he would look like in the RE engine. MVC is a fighting game with flashy and light hearted visuals. RE7 and REmake 2 used hella darkness to create a spooky mood and had an extremely different visual style to previous games in the series. I can’t really imagine old school Nemesis looking very threatening in REmake 2 for example. The new design was without a doubt carefully developed to fit with the style of the rest of the game. Wait until you actually see the thing in motion, dumbasses.

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@EricTheAussie I appreciate the enthusiasm and while I agree a lot of thought went into this… You may be overstating the level of thought involved. :stuck_out_tongue:

The only thing that really bothers me about the new Nemesis design are the caution labels on the coat. Looks a bit silly. And why would you put them there in the first place? To warn the victims? To remember the people working on the Nemesis project that the lethal bioweapon they’re working on is indeed a lead bioweapon?


Oh god, not more face discussions. I can’t deal with another row over a video game character’s face.

Jill looks great. She looks fine. She looks like a real person. Leon and Claire are basically different people between the original and the remake, both in how they look and how they act. It’s going to be the case for Jill as well. She’ll look and act differently and that’s fine.

The even bigger shitstorm will happen when her lower half is revealed and she’s not wearing that ridiculous miniskirt. Heh. Can’t wait for the cringy One Angry Gamer article about it.

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I haven’t seen anything about Jill or Carlos so far, Nemesis is way more important here and i think he looks off in the Picture we have of him.

Why is it ridiculous? its a normal Miniskirt in the original, nothing scandalous, and the game takes place in September.

I was pissed because they changed the Classic Costume of Claire - she used to wear a Tshirt under her Vest, instead of that awful Tanktop.
If you include Classic Skins, make em classic - or do it like Tomb Raider and dont include them in the first place.

Do I really need to explain? :upside_down_face:


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If I had a skirt like that, I’d do the same to someone’s head.

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To stop People from making ridiculous GIFs with Sourcemaker? That scene dont happens in any of the Games that i have played.