RESIDENT EVIL 8 - Rumors and Speculation

Key Points:

  • A new adventure starring both Ethan Winters and Chris “Not-A-Hero” Redfield.
  • First Person Perspective
  • Zombies
  • Werewolves
  • A Ghost Woman as this game’s “Mr. X” type enemy that haunts you but can be caused to dissipate while otherwise being invulnerable.
  • Arctic Mountains, Village, a Castle “possibly in Europe”
  • No more Molded enemies

Source: Biohazard Declassified “Tip Line” from an unnamed source

Disclaimer: CAPCOM does not comment on rumors and speculation


My personal hope:

  1. Bring back the Weird Science
  2. Bring MORE Guns (the unlockables from RE7 were rad but we want moar!)
  3. Bring back Co-op!

Seems legit.

Now I am no Resident Evil fan or even a player but aren’t ghosts and werewolves a bit of a stretch from what types of enemies are usually in the game?

There, fixed. Remember internet users only a Sith deals in absolutes.


Well more guns! More Co-Op would be from me and probably millions of “Filthy RE Casuals” who drove RE5 and RE6 to record numbers unchallenged even by RE2:MAKE.

Of course, bias aside, I know what the “7 Line” represents as a return to horror, but just saying a bit of 5 and 6 could do it some good (sales). :wink:

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Direct Sequel would be cool.

I hope so because I enjoyed it a lot and helped with immersion.



Ooo very much possible since they cut the Ghost Woman from RE7. She is visible in the demo though but was cut from the final product.

Literally code Veronica with RE4

Good let’s keep it that way.

Okay, Resident Evil imo isn’t about the COOP. I think that’s where the series needs to avoid. COOP gamemodes is a different story. But in terms of the Story it needs to be single player because I for one don’t like the gimmick of waiting for on someone to progress. A.I can break and that’s something that can ruin the experience for people.

COOP Campaign No.
COOP Side Modes Yes.


The RE5 AI teammate was pretty good.
The RE6 AI Teammate was basically invulnerable.

Co-Op Ghost Ship Chaos on RE2:Revelations and getting my ass carried by some Japanese Hunk Player doing bajillion damage per shot will always be awesome and still represents the most fun I’ve had in RE (killing just a single enemy was a victory for me since the guy was mopping up the whole place on his own)! :laughing:

I think the Werewolves can be interesting if RE8 has a day night cycle and a “moon meter” or something… like you need to be careful during full moons…

Could be interesting… and might actually work considering RE’s true root inspiration wasn’t zombies but more ghosts and paranormal events and haunted house stories.

Above: Sweet Home, the Japanese horror film that inspired RESIDENT EVIL.

I’m a strong supporter for Revelation and it’s Raid Mode. I’m also have a strong dislike for Revelation 2 and it’s raid mode. The only difference is I actually warmed up to Revelation 2 and it’s story not so much it’s Raid Mode.

I’ve had RE Rev 1 on the 3DS. And I bought it when it was re released on the 360, XB1, and Switch. It’s my favorite spinoff in the series and for good reason.

Don’t really like RE5 due to its drastic change in terms of tone and overall murky feeling for a resident evil game. This is when the series became a third person shooter for me and lack anything remotely resident evil in terms of what the original games represented in the industry and the legacy of survival horror.

RE6 also had a serious ammo issue especially during boss fights. I’m really not fond of this game and refuse to pick it up again.

Ghost’s I can get behind since it was effectively used in the RE7 Demo. Werewolves is a big no no if they try to incorporate the stereotype of the werewolf I will say it now bad idea. Human wolf hybrid test subject gone wrong is a different idea.

RE and it’s “Science” is integral to the series and it’s lore. It’s what makes us fascinated and when we learn about it well we learn the tragedy behind it all. If they incorporate a Werewolf with no reason just because they say so well that’s not gonna go well.

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My immediate thought when I heard “Arctic” and “Werewolves” was that they might be trying to take a page from 30 DAYS OF NIGHT (though that one was about humans who become a gang of raiding vampires in some place in Alaska where a night can last 30 calendar days).

So that means you’d have a bad guy who is a werewolf pack leader… and maybe some side characters can become turned into more werewolves… maybe like in 30 DAYS OF NIGHT someone makes a sacrifice to get turned so he can protect you or someone…There’s possibilities in there: Gameplay, Story, even some possible originality.

It could work… that’s all I feel about it. Would be a stretch, but if true, I’m going to give Capcom some benefit of the doubt and additional credit for trying to be creative.

Heh. That is a great pun. I have no clue if you even intended it that way.

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Could be multiple pages! :stuck_out_tongue:

Well it was a comic then a film. In fact I think 30 Days of Night is published by Dark Horse same as the Hitman tie-in.


I just realized if the Werewolf thing is true and it’s a hit… there’s no limit to what Capcom can mine going forward for Ethan Winters to face next…

These would be really long stretches! :laughing:


Post-Brexit Scotland, nice.

Absolutely, they’d be mad not to continue the story from 7.

I’d go as far as fuck no.

Agreed :+1:

Love you, Soup, but this made me feel ill.



Maybe it doesn’t belong here, but if this game ever would be real, I only hope that nobody would try to make a movie on it

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Like… cant we just go back to Zombies and BOWs and stay there?

Edit: original BOWs, unlike Evelyn whos a discount Alma from FEAR.


I find that less likely. After the shitshow that was 6, they came back strong with 7 by changing up everything. Sliding back into the old RE would be… curious.

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But… profitable! :stuck_out_tongue:

Kidding aside though, it would be pretty awesome where Capcom can go with this if they can increase the range of RESIDENT EVIL!

Imagine the possibilities!

Fixed that for you. They should make a Game about what happened to Chris when he tried to take down Umbrella Europe, in the same style they did with the RE2 Remake.

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That’s a fair edit, can’t argue with that.

I just don’t think that fits with their vision for the series’ future. But who knows. Nobody saw 7 coming either.

How can you be against Werewolves? Imagine them moving like Hunters or something. That’d be cool and new. In a game series that had giant worms, opera singing leechmen, rocket launcher wielding bodybuilder tyrants, regenerating hillbillies with chainsaws and children with psychic abilities, Werewolves would be positively grounded by comparison…

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