[RESOLVED] IO's Failure to Communicate

Being a community manager quite is a thankless job. Those who submit to forums tend to be loud and flame every aspect of the game and are the ones invested in the video game.

Most of the purchasers of video games, are typically not the ones who are highly invested, and since Hitman has a steep learning curve, most never get to the point of being expert at it, before they switch to play a different game.

IOI had the good fortune of Hitman 3 release at the height of the pandemic when too many were stuck at home with limited things to do, such as play video games.

I suspect that Project 007 (James Bond) will have broader appeal than Hitman because it is an international renown franchise. I hope and expect that the same Hitman game mechanics will be found in Project 007.

Hitman 3’s had more or a story narrative connecting the missions than Hitman2016 and I suspect that there will be a stronger, overarching story narrative for James Bond, compared to Hitman, which is mostly convoluted super spy schtick, that make sense only to provide the narrative and reasons for killing the targets for each mission.

I am sure that Project 007 will have Netflix/Disney/theatre series associated with the video game release, since video games and accompanying movie releases appears to be a thing in the 2020s to assist in sales of both.

Project 007 will be a “game as a service”, with online connection like Hitman and paid yearly passes / DLC missions. To entice purchasers of the yearly passes / DLC will be elusive targets with famous people like Hollywood celebrities. Who wouldn’t want to blow up a virtual Nicholas Cage?


I will be trying to summarize this thread to the team.


What about the saving bug on PS5 thats been in the game for 3,5 years now, completely ignored with zero communication from ioi?


It was communicated in the October 2023 patch notes that it was being looked into.

Keep on saving
We have fixed an issue for PC Steam players, where the save indicator was constantly showing. Thanks to the community for providing info that helped the dev team solve this. We are still investigating a potentially similar issue on PS5.

But there has been no update, that I’m aware of, since then.


I appear to be making progress towards unlocking both the Purple Streak Suit and the Purple Streak Duck, despite having already claimed all three rewards. Is this a known issue?


Has somebody mentioned the new escalation that was teased last year but has never been mentioned again? If that was cancelled it would be nice to know.


This is a twitch campaign-related thing. It probably gets reset when a new campaign is started. It won’t get rid of your claimed rewards in-game.


You wanna know what the real issue is?

I think the black baller isn’t black enough.

In all seriousness.

I genuinely think and I feel I can say that a majority feel this, the various mods shown in this thread are just the stuff we want to see implemented in the game.

I don’t know the logistics behind making it possible nor will I act like I know what the hell I’m talking about. But I do feel it’s a good place to start if anything.

We appreciate the responses, hope vacations goes well for you all.


You may criticize about pretty much anything you want on here to the CM, there is something about your replies that always put a smile on my face. Thank you for reading us complain and everything, it is not a pleasant journey scrolling down the comments and see us craving for things we’d love to see in the game and the things that need fixing. I don’t agree with everything on this thread and i’d point at some obvious bugs and problems that occur in the game that even i don’t accept such as an npc floating above his chair :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: But keep up the good work though it is not an easy task, we’re here contemplating this game for so long and i think we can all agree all those things are proofs that we love this game and we want some sort of ideal closure to make it the perfect hit game. That would be a bold statement. Pun intended.


We actually get something similar when people use Peacock with a pirated copy of the game. It’s something to do with the game client not liking something as it’s firing requests to the server (I think).

https://old.reddit.com/r/HiTMAN/comments/1e1x08m/please_io/ another idea


In the meantime, if someone wants to play the mission this way, without clues, currently the best way is to create the main mission in the contract mode.

Same for quite a lot of the missions.
It’s what I did, and it is fun. Legitimately the only way I replay some of the missions.

If people are interested, here they are with codes for Xbox:

  • A Merry Showstopper ID 3-36-5989682-13:
    • The Showstopper but it’s the Christmas variation of the map.
  • World of Cured Tomorrow ID 3-03-5074464-13:
    • The World of Tomorrow but without the virus objective.
  • Merciful Fighters ID 3-09-5515071-13:
    • Freedom Fighters but with only 3 targets, no Penelope Grave. (4 targets are too much, and I feel bad for her, she’s also the most boring of the four original target design wise)
  • Hokkaido Legal Festival ID 3-37-9937735-13:
    • Would have been Situs Invertus in the Snow Festival variation of the map, but Soders is not selectable, so it’s only Yamasaki. (my least favourite one to be honest, without Soders and the limited appeal of the map variation)
  • Two-Headed Serpent ID 3-12-3500794-13:
    • Three headed Serpent, but only Rico and Andrea, because Good Lord the travel time and the gameplay divide between them and the third target.
  • Normal One-Headed Serpent ID 3-12-2239029-13:
    • Three Headed Serpent, but only Jorge, see above, it made me go/start/play in his side of the map and not just go for the poisoned coke bus again.
  • Chasing a Known Ghost ID 3-13-6781551-13:
    • Chasing a Ghost, but everyone is tracked and visible in instinct. (Wazir, looking at you)
  • Another Clueless Life ID 3-22-0702700-13:
    • Another Life, but without the clues!
  • Lights in the Water ID 3-34-5704897-13:
    • Shadows in the Water, but without the satellite control objective.
  • Golden HDDshake ID 3-24-1399432-13:
    • Golden Handshake but all three backup carriers are targets/trackable, Savalas, Perez, and Mann. (also my favourite title)
  • Token Deaths in The Family ID 3-28-4879775-13
    • Death in The Family but the token key carriers are also targets/trackable, Rebecca and Fernsby.
  • The Dartmoor Full Market Garden Show ID 3-33-3743153-13
    • The Dartmoor Garden Show, but all five targets are active at once, because sod the separation of the escalation that makes you run from the entry to the show three times, messes with inventory management and the overall enjoyment of the mission.

Also I typed a full 450-500 characters briefing for each of them, based on the original ones but cut down for text limit and modified to acknowledge/nod to the change in the contracts.
Typed them with a controller.


Yeah that’s brilliant.

Oh hell no. That must have taken hours!


Is it possible to bring back those Season 1 escalation contracts to the WOA, such as The Agana Abyss in The Icon & The Spaggiari Subversion in Landslide?

From my point of view, that could be a good update for expanding the game content.


It is very possible, has been done by various mods and Peacock lel


I miss The Susumu Obsession Escalation from Hokkaido the most. I hope that one from Hitman (2016) especially gets brought back.


https://old.reddit.com/user/Combatglue84 happy to announce you can also ask @Combatglue on the subreddit since he’s active there


I think @SunnyPig means, can they be brought back in the real game.

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The answer is yes, it has already been done…

So, those escalations are there now? I don’t know which ones are from 2016, I’ve forgotten them all, but if I turn on my Xbox now and start playing escalations in H1 maps, they’ll be there?

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