Return of Tommy Vercetti? (GTA)


First off, out of all the GTA games (which I don’t play much anymore, unfortunately) Tommy Vercetti has got to be my all time favorite!

I forget where I seen it before (maybe someone else knows and can enlighten me) but I heard Tommy might make a return in another GTA game. They didn’t say how and tbh I don’t know if it’s true.
(Maybe it was old news, idk)

But if it is, how do you think he should make a return? Have him as a main character again, or a little cameo like Rosenberg from San Andreas?



When GTA V was announced i believed him to be Michael. However I rather want a new game to take place in the 80s, then seeing him return as a main character, a side character could be cool.

I miss GTA games that takes place in the 80s. Either a return to Vice City or the 80s and I’m happy. Or secret option number three, GTA London, really wanted to return there since GTA London on ps1.



I think a rehash of the Vice City location in the film noir style of GTA IV would be fucking amazing. GTA V was great and I love going back and playing it but GTA IV had the gritty gangster feel which made the game feel badass. I think it would suit Vice City.



I don’t expect him to return tbh. Maybe if the next GTA will take place in Vice City we will hear his name? Maybe he got a kid with Mercedes and his son, now grown up, will give you a few missions. I think Vercetti is dead or arrested. He was planning to be a mayor drug lord after the storyline of Vice City and I don’t think the law can accept that for long. I hope something of him will make a return thought. Something like a story about him or like I said, his possible son/daughter.

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Real talk

I could not vibe with GTA V at all. The only thing I enjoyed was the bmx bike and doing tricks.



Noire is suitable for New York or Los Angeles. Not Miami, a tropical cocaine paradise of roller blades and bikini babes.
I’m glad you don’t work for Rockstar if you really think GTA IV’s atmosphere suits Vice City, let alone in modern time.



Oh shit I was halfway through writing up my script to send to them as well.

Oh well. :smirk:



I’m honestly not sure if i want to see a modern vice city or not. Maybe I’m spoiled by the “tech” in the other games. I would love to see another game set in the 80’s though. Vice City was my favorite. I think they can make a good setting if they did either one.

As for Tommy returning, I don’t find it likely. It’It’s likely Tommy didn’t exist in the HD Universe and aside from small easter eggs they don’t often bring back main characters.
I don’t think I want to see him come back as they might ruin his character like they did to Johnny K. I actually like Trevor but what happened to Johnny K was pulled off so ham fisted. Shame because Rockstar used to be good at being back characters. Now in gta v they only used them for pointless Cameos.
The only two characters i thought were used right were packie and maybe Andreas. Besides I think Tommy has a decent enough end for me to be satisfied.

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You’re a bit narrow minded huh? Noire can go anywhere for all I care. It’s more feel/vibe than location.



Just call it Neo Noir.



tfw I find out @AGENT4T7 plays games other than hitman

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Used to? Yes… Within the past 5 years? No lol strictly Hitman :sunglasses:



Well technically Rockstar divides their universes by tech. The 2D GTAs are on the 2D universe, 3D GTAs in 3D universe, HD GTAs in HD universe. So if you bring him back to the HD universe, you create a narrative hole. Which I despice, no matter that narrative is secondary to gameplay in GTA.

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If they do Vice City again, I’d love for them to go cyberpunk like they did in 2. I mean a crazy, futuristic Vice City would kick ass, and would give them an excuse to add way more to the map.



GTA VI(ce City) would be pretty awesome.

However, I don’t want to play as Tommy, but I think he should return, like Lamar Davis in GTA V, an important character.



I just want the next GTA to take place in the 80’s, other then it being a kick ass age…there will be plenty of great music, there is no game with a better soundtrack then Vice City…there was only one or two radio channels in V that was worth it, mainly because they played 80’s music.

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Like others have said, there is no way of that happening, because Tommy does not exist in this universe as much as CJ and his band don’t exist in the GTA V Los Santos.

I would love them to do Vice City next though, prefect opportunity tbh, you know, VI ce City.



Idk even though I just play Hitman currently, if they made a GTA game that brought back Tommy, I would so buy it. In a heartbeat!

I loved VC, best GTA game IMO I just loved the characters, missions, music, everything! Not to mention it was the first GTA game I played… Well, owned anyway. I played that really old one at my friends house YEARS ago (the sky view one) forget what it was called.

But playing that is what got me into GTA back then…Then, years later VC came out and I was hooked on it. I liked GTA 3 as well, but nothing beats VC in my personal opinion.



I liked Vice City too. A lot of songs from my childhood!

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Tommy Vercetti? Huh, never thought they’ll let him out.

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