Return of Tommy Vercetti? (GTA)


i dont think he will coz he is from 3D universe


Old thread, but werent the 3D Universe protagonists canonically in HD Universe, but they are all dead?


Not dead, just alternate reality/timeline


No, i believe that R* said that “The 3D Uni Protagonists are now canon in HD as well, but they are all dead, so stop whining”, or something like that.


3D and HD are seperate. A easter egg in GTA 4 refrenced the characters and that they were killed, but in the 3D Universe they are alive and well. HD they simply didn’t exist. Hence why the state of San Andreas is one giant island without the neighboring states in the HD Universe.


Right, there we go. 3D characters are canon in HD, but they are dead, as i said


Lazlow for example has passed through multiple universes along with Fernando Martinez

" Dan says that no one before GTA IV will be in it – the move to HD created a schism in this fictional universe, rendering CJ, Toni and co, as mythical characters from a bygone era. But will we see stories from the previous game looping into this one? “I think that might be too mannered,” says Houser. “Niko had a particular kind of story and we’re trying to make this different. We might allude to things from that world, but we didn’t want it to feel like, well, here’s the opposite of an immigration story – we wanted a fresh take on what it means to be a criminal in this world of hyper-real Americana”. "

―Interview with Dan Houser in The Guardian

Although the universes are designed to be completely apart, there are occasional references to previous universes, as well as some minor characters, places, names, etc. shared by different universes. Some of them, however, may be only internal jokes.


No, as what at @GTAJJ said they will make refrences to them, but they aren’t apart of the HD universe. Lazlow is a running gag in the series since he is a real person therefore Lazlow in the 3D universe is a different person and a different person in the HD. Just played by the irl Lazlow. Its like that one reoccuring character that appeared in the Dark Souls game but showed up in Blood Borne.


So? They still exist in HD, even if not the same


So, it means the 3D Universe characters dont exist in the HD Universe. If they existed events from previous titles from the 3D universe would of been directlt refrenced especially in GTA V like how the Caligula Heist would of been referenced or how some average joe con ended up rulling Vice Citys Crime Syndicate. I recomend looking up video on YouTube on the GTA Canon. Three Canons Exist. 2D Universe (GTA 1, 2, 1960), 3D (VCS, VC, SA, LCS, Advance, and 3) and HD ( 4, LaD, BOGT, V, GTA Online)



Snake exists in the Super Smash Universe, but i doubt Paz got vagina bombed in it


Or how about the constant superhero comic reboots? The three or four movie versions of Spider-Man. One character can exist in multiple universes


That would be a one ultimate :joy:

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Those are explained. Marvel established Multiverses in both the MCU and Comics. R* head writers aren’t gonna go ahead and say hey you know that strange cabin in GTA SA that leads to Trevors toilet in GTA V. Dan Houser isnt gonna mess with his already established canon so thats why he seperated the canons/universes so he had more flexibility.


You can add characters from one canons to other canon. How the fuck are Tony Montana, Jimmy, Bodhi, H3H3 and Jacket in Payday 2? They aint the same big universe.

EDIT: Oh yeah, every single fucking crossover ever

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You argument is irrelevant to the subject at hand. Those characters are liscensed Characters. Scarface in Payday 2 isn’t the actual Tony Montana, but a sound alike/lool alike. H3H3 was a collaboration in a effort for Ethan to make money and payday to get publicity, Jacket was a promo for Hotline Miami 2, oh yea and John Wick was also a promotion for the film. It’s like saying Solid Snake and Big Boss in Super Bomber Man R is apart of the Metal Gear canon… No its not its Konami usong their Characters as guest Characters for their other IP’s.

R* handles their characters differently unlike other companies. Houser created multiple CANONS so that he could have more flexibility for the GTA series. A refrence is simply acknowledging other source material. A prime example is Duke Nukem 3D or Doom they have Commander Keem and Luke Skywalker as easter eggs.


Its a fucking reboot. Reebots can retain characters, even if they are not in a multiverse. I have a gun


They can reboot and retain the same character’s, but its makes events from past entires besides the original null and void. Horror movies do it all the time.

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No, because by them rebooting a series they create a new canon that throws out the one that was already existing. Star Wars did it for the Legends material in order for them to create the sequel trilogy and room for future projects