Returning to the game

I played the game back when it released and made it half way through the story.

I feel like going back to it and I was wondering if there were significant updates on the game as a whole. Any new-ish mechanics/items that make things a bit different?

How are the dlc sins missions? Do you think they are worth it?

Its a bit of a bummer knowing that I must have missed a ton of elusive targets. How often do these rotate?

Updates are being made usually once per month.
Something is fixed, something is changed, something is added. Sometimes something is broken.
Usual process, I would say. If you’re interested to see details, go to News - IO Interactive page and search for “HITMAN 3 – [month] Patch (3.xx)” posts.

One of updates brought Dartmoor Garden Show unique Escalation in the game.
Event is held in modified version of Dartmoor location. It’s totally free for all HITMAN 3 owners and available in Dartoor Destination tab.
All the details about it you can find here: Dartmoor Garden Show - IO Interactive

7 Deadly Sins DLC has a few gamechanging items I would say. Makes some things easier.
Won’t give any spoilers

They are just escalations

Mixed feedback.
Personally I would say, if you’re going to buy them for new missions - it’s not worth it.
They are not missions or locations. Just Escalation Contracts. But if you like Escalations as a content itself, you may look into it.
If you’re buying the DLC for new items, like weapons, gadgets or suits - it’s worth it

Usually 2 Elusive Targets per month. One is totally new for HITMAN 3 locations only, and one is old, taken from previous two games. Both are active for 10 days.
Schedule is usually new target released at the start of month, old is released closer to the end of the month.
At this very moment the brand new Elusive Target is active, till 14:00 CEST, October 11th.
If you wish, you can see all the details about new target here: The Ascensionist - H3 ET #13 (October 1-11)


Or, you can go to Patch Notes HITMAN 3 - IO Interactive to view all patch notes, major or minor.

The page literally says “This page lists all the patch notes for HITMAN 3”.

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Thanks for the detailed response. :wink: