Reward for Silent Assassin on Elusive Target did not unlock


I played the Elusive Target that is currently available on the Paris map, and I completed with a Silent Assassin rating. For some reason the suit that is rewarded for completing 1 Silent Assassin on an Elusive Target mission did not unlock for me. Strangely, the mission specific Silent Assassin Challenge did unlock for me, just not the general Silent Assassin Challenge. What recourse do I have to unlock the suit that I should have received?

It’s a known issue, you’ll get the suit.

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How did this end? “You will get the suit” still sounds vague to me. @Rotzecha did You get the suit later on?
I just got the same problem now with the gunrunner. Twice! (Have 2 accounts). That leaves me beyond unsatisfied…

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Nope, never got it as of 8/30/19
It’s super duper disheartening.

@Steppenelch47 An IOI employee noted that they are aware of the bug so it should be patched soon. Here is a link to the post with the comment:

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Thank You @Julianos for the info and link!