Rewarded Community Challenge

So here’s my idea and I know we already get tonnes of monthly content but I feel this one could be quite interesting.

Each month IOI set a particular challenge that the whole Hitman community can take part in across all platforms.

An example of these challenges could be, say complete X amount of contracts or assassinate X amount of targets, take out X amount of targets by accident kills.

Everyone’s contributions are counted (if that’s possible) to try and hit the target, if the target is reached there would be a reward for all the players that contributed towards hitting the goal?

I get the idea from CoD where they do this regular, it may be a bit more difficult for IOI to track certain things so it would depend on that.

What’s other peoples thoughts?


That would be really cool. Would love the community reward of the ICA 19 MK3


Ooh, that’d be fun.
I know Dying Light does similar kinds of community challenges, where sometimes they pop up, and if you contribute some points, you get high-tier gear and a special item related to the challenge.

I’m all for more stuff, so I’d support it.

Yes that’s it you’ve got it, a few games do it and it gets everyone involved, having the rewards in different tiers is also a good idea :+1:t2: I think it could definitely work in hitman as long as they were able to track the kills etc. Suppose the completed contracts idea would be relatively straight forward.