Rewards for leveling up in Hitman 2


I have noticed that there isn’t much reward right now for completing challenges or getting performance xp to level up in the game. I think IO should add rewards for achieving different player levels (for example, every 10 levels). These could be suits, weapons, tools, etc. I think this system would give players a reason to continue to play the game.



Not quite sure what you mean but we do have mastery unlocks :thinking: Unless you mean that we should have big unlocks for example every 5 mastery level (like 5,10,15 and 20) we pass?



10 levels very easy to reach, so it has to be at least 100 levels.
In others I agree and support

He means profile level



I was thinking around 100 levels.

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Think its a bit late now but i think IO should have removed all mark 2 and orginal items that have a mark 2 variant and instead just nade them solely unlockable throu profile xp this way both legacy and hitman 2 players whould have them and no stupid inventory cluttering mark 2 items



Maybe for every 100 levels you can get a gloveless version of a location outfit.
Hitman 2 outfits start at 100 then 200,300 etc
Hitman Legacy outfits start at 50,150,250 etc



It would be great to turn off gloves straight from the menu. I saw a similar offer somewhere.
We already unlock legacy suits with gloves. And now you need to unlock costumes without them? Then the menu with clothes will turn into a list of duplicates



Would be great to have a toggle for headwear too, so we can use the sgail tux without the mask and have the option to use the Santa fortuna hat.



Yes. This is a great idea!



Definitely agree, rewarding the elite XP levels would be good, especially for milestones, I’ve just hit 550 so It would of been nice to get a special suit or unlock at 500.

Also I agree that customization really does need to be implemented! mix & matching different items to formulate the perfect outfit would be sweet!

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I’ll never wear that thing by choice. I found it to be a stupid unlock. If I could remove that ridiculous mask I’d be happy.