Rewards From Elusive Targets Arcade

i wish if there any new classic suits to unlock from elusive targets arcade instead of weapons. also i wish if there any feature allow you to add hats… gloves or remove them…(like the picture below ) or to see this feature in upcoming mode “Freelancer” it will be useful addition to the Game.

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where did you find this

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Its From Nexus Mods I Think.

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thats looks fucking cool mafia 47

or the subject 47 pumpkin suit butcher suit and the pumpkin suit in the upcoming freelancer aswell and i forgot the unreleased et suit


I like 47 classic suits and i hope to see a black new yorker suit with hat.

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LA Noire agent 47 imagine

did i just wrote down pumpkin suit twice oops my bad

Yes, and a thompson gun it will finish the look :smiley:.


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this look sick dude good imagine