Rewind Time

Instead of loading saves


Saves will never replace time rewinding or some similar things.
They should remain


Cool concept but it would take more time and would kinda ruin the flow.

47 be like 300px-It's_Rewind_time


Not possible with this engine I think. That is actually a very hard thing to do.

I mean if Dontnod can do it then IO could too.


It depends how accurate you want to have it. In Hitman where so many NPCs and objects can change the situation wildly, you would have to make the engine extremely deterministic. You would probably habe a few GB of log data more in your memory.


I like the idea of a certain measure of unishment when your plan, or lack thereof, doesn’t come to fruition. It’s part of the charm. Rewinding would remove that charm.

I like it in the Prince of Persia Sands of Time trilogy (yes, there are only three) but in a game like Hitman, this wouldn’t work that well. 47 may be a clone but I’m sure he wasn’t injected with super powers :stuck_out_tongue:


Seems like someone (maybe multiple people at different times) have asked about FF. Also, the game not pausing while watching the targets on the (large) map. That’d be on par with Rewind. :laughing:

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I hate time rewinding, except where it‘s part of the gameplay mechanic.
Racing games using rewind mechanics … ungh.

In racing games it actually fits the mechanics quite neatly

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It would very stylish but with the amount of complexity that Glacier 2 has to process, it would take time and effort to implement it without any major glitches.

That charm is already largely absent thanks to reload button and the fact that the game gives players no real reason to ever stick around once their plans goes to shit.

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