Reynard is Change Clothes. Who?


Hello community forum. Question of who doing this for first time of playing the Hitman 18 games. In first mission with mansion beach I am see notice Reynard is change from busy clothes to sleeping clothes. I repeat mission so I can hiding in her closet to see her changing clothes because I am creep person . But nothing animation of whole change to new clothes? Just rapid appear of clothes like how Hitman is change to new clothes. Please for a next games with changing clothes of people like her, add the front middle and ending animation. Not only front, skip middle, and ending animation. Also…LOL.

If you could change one thing about each S1 locations for the Legacy Pack, what would it be?

You basically explained the reason yourself


Sorry if you not understand. I am ask who else hide in closet to see Reynard change. Thas it.


Don’t worry, we’re all creep persons.

Some people are just better at hiding it, that’s all.


Indeed. Your post is hilarious. I too hid in the closet as she changed.

47’s nature is to be a creep like that.

As far as the animation goes, personally I don’t care for cartoony nudes, but to each their own I suppose


I am laughing so hard at this!
Never thought to do that, but I have not played Hawke’s bay enough.

Three cheers for creep life!


I am getting this impression that you want to see what happens when a woman takes her clothes off lmao, basically just say, " Dear IO, I want naked lady" thanks


Good God, man. Stow away in the bathroom like a gentleman.

We are here to murder her not violate her privacy, you animal.


Dude…just go to Pornhub…




I personally love the way they did the Reynard clothes change thing… it’s very consistent with how 47 steals clothes.

The only thing I’m disappointed in is that they didn’t include an achievement for us all to bond over.


Oh fuck yeah another thread by Glacius.:popcorn: These are works of anti-art.


How is that 90% of Glacius’ posts never get flagged for spam when they are the complete embodiment of it?


Because they are a fucking laugh riot that is why.


Glacius is best troll hmf ever got. Preserve him.


You want it like this level? Mwoehahahahaa…
Ps. I couldnt find the trailer anymore with him singing naked and the ladies looking bored in the background.


I thought that was you




Did I forget how to read?


Yes did you